oh! forgot to tell, i will off for about 7 days starting tomorrow, a trip to Yogyakarta, solo and Surabaya at Indonesia. So just wait for upcoming news later~ byeeeee~


  1. Awesome Xeno! I hope you’ll have a good trip! Me and my parents plans to travel to Japan this year (if possible), Have a good vacation! You really need it! ^_^

  2. Have a nice and good voyage! Have some memorable days!

    We´re waiting for more news and maybe some pics from it.

  3. im going to jamaica in june…

    its gonna be HOT..and boring… i mean we are goin to my grandparents house, and there TV has 3 channels.. and im ,well NOBODY is allowed to touch it while my grandads around, unless you want a backhander to the brain.

    everything in their house is a relic and probably worth more than the house and the land its built on…O_O which is quite large, id say a 20 meter by 70 meter rectangle..

    not much to do, i WILL be taking a laptop, but no wirless. at least…i’ll have media player… (cries)

    wish I could go Japan with u Ruki… or drag you with me to jamaica in a suitcase, vaccume packed. XD!!

    “excuse me sir whats in the bag ¬_¬”

    “…….. O_O….. my science project”

    “………………………………………………………..*_* let him past..”


  4. Actually, I know that one! 😛
    But how did you do this face: ¬_¬

    I don’t know how! 😦

  5. hmm~ not much i can tell~ well the habit of malaysian people, shopping a lot!!! muahahahah

    well i go to Prabanan temple then Candi Borobudur, its quiet historical area and rated as most wonderful of the world~ its fun!
    and visit other area like Malang City, Batik center, and mostly favorite are high class restaurant! lol

    Batik is the most popular item in that place~ well this place are heaven for the shopping lol

  6. Yeah, I love shopping stuff too!
    Once when me and my parents visited Venice, we bought… alot…
    We always buy alot of stuff! 😀

    Ah… I’ll never forget Venice…

    Speaking of cities of romance, I dreamt I was friend with Q-Ko! O_O
    It’s True! It fellt so odd, I thought…
    “wait, is that… her? Nah, it can’t be…”

    So what did you buy? (Hmm, better check what a Batik is…)

  7. Ok, checked it up. Those are really nice… what sort of pattern does yours have? Curious! 😀

    Here is Sweden, when someone has been on a vacation, no one asks a thing about the vacation or even talks about it… my country men are so weird… and stupid… makes me hate being somewhat clever and filosofical…

  8. . . . i hate shopping, especially for clothes. its just a pain in the arse.

    glad you enjoyed it tho.

    and Ruki why did you get rid of the hentai part on the Q-ko wiki page.. thats just dumb.

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