A little update~

Unreal Tournament 3

I’m playing ut3 right now ( hate the post processing effect,  make my eyes hurt and the graphic make us like in a dream)

Now i’m researching how to moding the model for UT3 (unreal Tournament 3). As far i’m achieving now, the editor also can import the model data for ut2004 into ut3 but need some modification for the size and the custom animation.

I’m trying to made a new model that fit the ut3 type skeleton because the way of ut3 skeleton are more bigger then normal ut2004~

Sherman Armored Infantry

Just a little animation left and the sherman will be ready for unreal tournament 2004! this sherman also configure to fit well with ut3 type skeleton~ but the result she turns ‘fat’ hahaha

Male Head model, possible Emosi model

The head model was made in the seminar where i was in bored state~ the special of this head was made without any reference! just use some skill of drawing anime and applied it to this model. Then i decide it will be a Naluri male companion, Emosi~ after confusion to deciding it is ‘he’ or ‘she’


  1. Awesome that your working with the UT3 engine! 😀

    Oddly enough, I haven’t played it alot since I bought it (last christmas) but I’m defenitely going to do it now!

    Emosi looks cool too! He looks a bit like Squall Leonheart from FF8.

    Oh, by the way, did you remember your comment about Spec-OMEGA? That you wanted a more MetalGearSolid’ish suit/appearence for her? I did it! 😀

    Here: http://static3.filefront.com/images/personal/r/Rukifellth/101085/flbbwbvhsy.jpg

    Comment soon! 🙂

  2. Airfoil? What’s an Airfoil? OH, the needles like the one ALPHA got! Crap I forgot about them! Sorry, I’ll fix it up! ^_^

  3. Yeah, noticed that, have no idea what it is thoe, OH, and Xeno, I noticed that I had’nt forgot the airfoils!
    They’re on her boots, could give her the ability to hover over ground (oooooooh)

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