Work Continue

ahhhh~~ at last for long busiest live ever, now i’m working back with the work here~ so stay tune of incoming news~

first at all! i need to finish sherman first, then VV-ko and others in planning~


  1. Wheeeeee!!!

    VV-Ko and Alpha look so cooool! 😀
    I’ll be looking towards Sherman too!
    Oh, and the new frontpage is real cute! ^_^

  2. the bones structure of the models apparently messes up when you import models into max9 from a previos version

    does that include the IK’s?

    hope youve got the models saved as whatever version you were using before and kept them safe… because you cant go backwards… once you open them in 9 you wont be able to open them in 8 down…

    dunno why ud want to but still… and GAH this room im making is annoying….

  3. and haha i could use that “easy home cooking” link… help me make somthing other than noodles…XD

  4. Glad to hear from you again! Heard you got a tough exam soon.

    I got 2 tests to complete, 1 text to finish, and 1 Powerpoint presentation to complete…

    And a certain comic to finish! 😉

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