Step 6 Volumes:

Now from 2d plane, we’re going to make it 3D. The face already have contour but only like we draw it on paper. Now we are going to pull the face to have shape.

In left viewport, create 1 plane”paper” and press “m” for material

1.   Click the gray circle and then click the empty small box to the right of word diffuse. Take “Bitmap” clip_image005.jpgand take your side character picture. After done it, press clip_image007.gif to get back into front Parent page

2.   Now try drag the circle(B) picture to your Paper(A)

And then press clip_image012.jpg within the material editor and press “F3” to see the result

3.   You will see your work bit run off from the picture. Just resize and move the picture so the bellow part chin must reach the below vertex

Move your Side Plane Picture, not your work “paper” so the chin reaches same line with your paper chin

4.   The hardest part, please save your work first. this time you need to move the vertex one-by-one

5.   The great way start with move the chin vertex first then continue all around the border (chin -> Mouth -> Nose -> Nose Bridge). Be sure referring “paper” at your Front viewport too.


6.   This time, continue with the skill of human anatomy face. Its going to be hard but patient is the way of doing this.

Follow with your own sense! If you think it not proper, please try to re-move it to new place (vertex or the “paper”)

I’m also takes time to doing this, but for some expert, they only take one day to finish up whole the face.

My Result:

7.   Try look into perspective viewport, it should look like this:


  1. Can you maybe put a tutorial on how to do this stuff on c4d? That’s what I am using and the only thing I can get a hold of. I know that tutorials aren’t the main thing on this site, but it would be cool if you could.

    PS. I’m Loving It!~

  2. Hey, the tutorial is great so far but i’m having a little trouble. After step 3 i have applied my material and pressed the cube. I am trying to do the volume part but im seeing what the points are creating on my left window. I have pressed F3 but this also makes the picture hidden. How do i make it so you can see the picture an JUST the points, not what they are creating. (this in the left window btw. The perspective and front are fine)

  3. No. You know how on the front viewpoint you can see the picture and the vertexs? On my left viewpoint when i extend those vertexs it begins to cover up the image. How do i make it so i just see vertexes and the image?

  4. Nvm, got it worked out my self. I just made it another viewport instead of material. Thx for the help anyways. Can finally move on with the tutorial 😀

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