Banzai Survival In Progress


Its already long i didn’t post anything other than model.. model.. and model…

for you guys info, i’m working in behind to create a new game! yeah same with all the progress i’ve been done before, from this dated post i think:

but now in different game mechanics. Third-person become top-down shooter.

I still use same name BANZAI! because of the nostalgia on the un-continue mod for ut2004. but the word Banzai itself fits with my game type: Invasion, wave.

It’s action kind of game but i also planned to make it as adventure type… such as puzzle solving, story driven and such. I hope you guys give support to me for the demo release.

Latest Update so far is on the map itself. Take a view on this Small survival kind map (click at image for bigger size):



The game features for Demo Release:

  • Rokiahi as main character. Cpt. Benci as narrative behind.
  • Top-Down with action shooter
  • Survival and wave. Try to survive the wave of enemy.
  • 4 Kind of weapon use.
  • Crate and barrel. Not to forget pickups
  • Upgrade-able status of health and weapon
  • 8 Kind of Enemies.
  • Better GUI
  • (More features will be add)

Things  to plan on future version.

  • Co-op mode. Play with 2 player to kill all the bad guys.
  • Singleplayer adventure. Story driven base
  • Better waypoints for npc to avoid obstacle and find player.
  • More chose-able character from Rokiahi, Naluri, Rohani, Nurani and Benci with their own favourite weapon.
  • More weapon ofcouse.
  • Better camera view and can be rotate.

Also here is the test gameplay for this games:

Dated April 14, 2013 :

Dated December 7, 2012:

It’s promising right?

yeah i hope you guys can support me by donation or tell your other friends. I really need help from supporter.

i’m also open up position for helping me. I need:

+ Artist to draw my Rokiahi, use for graphic user interface

+Musician or sound artist. I need them to create music for my game. Now it got no music.

Thank you



  1. Xeno, what kind of engine are you using to make Banzai Survival? I’m curious about this as it’s got me thinking about whether it’s possible to make a Metal Gear-style stealth game with it. o.o

      • Metal Gear Karl-Gerat Shota? Just kidding. 😛

        Much good luck to you on the Banzai Survival project~! Hope it turns out to be a big hit~! :3

  2. I like the shooter view: it makes us see areas more easily. BTW, can you change the top-down to third-person shooter and back? Also, can you change the ragdoll death pose for the player characters? (As seen from the December video) It would be best if the player characters die more like anime rather than ragdolls. 😦

    • so far top down shooter is better because i just pick the template from sample game. Less to coding. hmm… what do you mean by anime kind of character dies?

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