Kagamine Rin -Meltdown- for L4D2 teaser

Kagamine Rin -Meltdown- Image Source from Konachan.com

Firstly for introduce, what/where is -Meltdown- come from:

So much for long awaiting for new update, at last it come out now.

Kagamine Rin -Meltdown- version for Left 4 Dead 2. Its not release yet, but its just a teaser. Kagamine Rin is a survivor model, replacement for Rochelle. What’s new with this release.

  • Addon feature is use
    Last time on Miku for l4d1, i didn’t use addon feature. Its become difficult for people to uninstall it. So now in l4d2, i use it and we can manage the file easily. The description may changed in future.

  • New GUI image
    This addon will also use new Graphic User Interface image as to replace default Rochelle image.
  • New custom name (Rochelle –> Kagamine Rin)
    Default Rochelle name would not use and replace with ‘Kagamine Rin’ instead
  • New Firstperson arm
    This also replace the firstperson arm view.

Other feature is normal such a glow and Hi-Quality texture. The model also have facepose and almost no-bug


Not yet, i will inform the download in the future, thank you for your kindly patience.

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