Happy new year!

Welcome to the new world of 2012!

Here i got listed a few updated starting this year:

  1. Kagamine Rin -Meltdown- for l4d2 is released!
  2. Headless Hatsune Miku papercraft is finished
  3. Xenoaisam OC server is established




Just before i posted up a teaser about Rin to be appear in l4d2. So after got approval from my client, i decided to release the model! Especially as this new year celebration. Guess what! my client is actually former Banzai leader, Seras. So here the download link:

Link will redirect to my Download Site. The full detail data about her, you can see it at my last post:


Video preview:




Remember this image from this post? :

One of my friend who take the challenge manage to finish the job! Its quite difficult for him but he doing really a good job! The outcome is really great even i the creator of this Miku papercraft cant manage to do this job XD. Silly me. He is one of deviantart user, his link is here: http://qrullgx13.deviantart.com/

Judge from his page, you will know he is vocaloids FANATICS! XD

Here the rest of finished papercraft model:

as reminder, the challenge still open 😀




Raidensnake, is one of my friend here helping me by establishing dedicated server for Obsidian Conflict mod for hl2. He kindly give me a chance to put all my stuff and anime feature into the server.

You can directly enter the server by putting this into web browser navigation bar:


Ofcourse, if you dont have the mod or more directly no steam app install, the link above will get you into nothing. So make sure give the mod a try, download it from here: http://obsidianconflict.net/

We also set up the server page in steam group page. Just to give you guys a chance to know recent activities that we’re doing.

Here the steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/XenoAisamOC

For info, Raidensnake and Myself are admin for the server. I disguise as Nurani and he as a Moe Glados. Our theme here is white pure clean XD we love bright 😛

Feature of the server:

No Ping Rate Restrictions
No Country Filter Restrictions
Hosted on a centralised UK Based Dedicated Server with 100mbit UNMETERED Bandwidth
Anime Based Content by XenoAisam
Custom maps and other content by XenoAisam as well as other maps installed made by 3rd parties
32 Player Slots Available
Special Admin Hosted Events
Fast Download System
Automated Crash-Proof Restart Feature
Game Server Content Updated & Backed Up Daily

For additional teaser XD:

Thank you and have a nice year forward!


  1. Sweet, I’ll see if I can get Obsidian Conflict Installed so I can join the server. And by the way is there any chance that the Rin model will be available for Gmod?

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