Naluri V5

New Naluri V5 is in progress… in this one, i re-fix the body proportion, delete black spot near end of mouth, add a teeth and new hair style. This Naluri model is the new body template for upcoming new model. Thank you~

Naluri body texture already fine. So its still retain the old looks… just a bit fix up on UV layout. She still lovely eh? XD


  1. Naluri’s new look makes her look more battle-hardened, methinks. This new look would look great as part of a storyline that involves a time skip. =u=

    Inb4 SpecAlpha steals Naluri’s shorts again. =u=

  2. Me likes~
    Makes me curious, though, are you planning on re-doing the other girls with this body template, too? Like Nurani or Rohani?

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to see this for Nurani, Rokiahi, and Rohani. By the way, what is the progress of the Mizore model you said you were working on?

  4. Ohh grace! Just gorgeous. I. .. I do not know how to describe in words how I admire her. Just gorgeous) You have talent, and it is very valuable: 3 I’m on my Russian words can not even describe it) Well done, what else to say) Naluri charm …. all I fell in love XD not, seriously O_o

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