Naluri V5

New Naluri V5 is in progress… in this one, i re-fix the body proportion, delete black spot near end of mouth, add a teeth and new hair style. This Naluri model is the new body template for upcoming new model. Thank you~

Naluri body texture already fine. So its still retain the old looks… just a bit fix up on UV layout. She still lovely eh? XD


  1. Naluri’s new look makes her look more battle-hardened, methinks. This new look would look great as part of a storyline that involves a time skip. =u=

    Inb4 SpecAlpha steals Naluri’s shorts again. =u=

      • Maybe give SpecAlpha a leotard to wear under her skirt and jacket like Rokiahi used to do? o.o

      • Bunneh Shota,

        Isn’t that what SpecAlpha wore during UT2004? Well except it wasn’t that perverted unlike RokiahiV4/RohaniV2.

  2. Me likes~
    Makes me curious, though, are you planning on re-doing the other girls with this body template, too? Like Nurani or Rohani?

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to see this for Nurani, Rokiahi, and Rohani. By the way, what is the progress of the Mizore model you said you were working on?

  4. @ DCI

    Maybe. Never really noticed since SpecAlpha’s version wasn’t as o///o-inducing as Rokiahi’s was. o.O

  5. Ohh grace! Just gorgeous. I. .. I do not know how to describe in words how I admire her. Just gorgeous) You have talent, and it is very valuable: 3 I’m on my Russian words can not even describe it) Well done, what else to say) Naluri charm …. all I fell in love XD not, seriously O_o

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