Announcement new PASKAL pack 2

New PASKAL pack 2 will be release when its done! Its contain Rohani and Nurani both with 2 types model too. So total 4 model in one pack. The pack is for Garrysmod and Obsidian Conflict

so for now Rohani has finished, now going into Nurani phase modeling

as told before, Rohani contain normal and ghillie oufits.

Stay tune with the next updated! 😀


  1. >XD
    Long time no see.
    Just an broken PC, i’m posted from waste land scrap’s >:]. until i can back .

    Wow, i though camo dyeing is impossible! I like her style.
    Long ago i think ghillie girl character can just dye instead of wearing ghlilie hat?
    So, anyone ever thoug about this theory?


    • Yes! Slowly but surely, the PASKAL Gals team is coming back together for a new op! I’m actually gonna hold off on my Tiger-I Len and Rin idea just to see the whole team re-united. @u@

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