Rohani, PASKAL jungle heavy foot soldier WIP

Progress so far

will have normal costume (picture) and ghillie suit….

Name : Rohani
Age : 17
Origin : Vietnam
Specialize : Heavy Armament, Guerilla tactic
Fav. Weap : M60, MG3, NTK-62, etc


  1. Yay! Rohani’s gonna be re-deployed soon! OuO

    CyberFlex: Use your Machine Gun Arm!
    Rohani: But that’s not legal. o.o
    CyberFlex: It is with CyberFlex!
    Rohani: *Machine Gun Arm to random SPECTRE grunt’s face*

  2. Whoa! Rohani!

    I waiting her for a long time!!!!

    Ready to deploy?

    (But no someone else on PASCAL girl are Thai? huhu)

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