Feature this week

This week with new feature video from Karasz!

1 girl 2 problem

featuring our lovely Sekai from school day anime and other characters from TF2, L4D, Mario and more. Please watch it and you will know the story!! its really fun ^_^




Long awaited Rokiahi~ but its just a drawing LOL. i may need to update Rokiahi when i’ve time. Visit Gallery for the picture~


  1. O.O Rokiahi with a G36K!


    Heh…she reminds me of Rohani…(when Rokiahi’s released I could skin this to be similiar to Rohani) 🙂

    Nice job XenoAisam! 😀

  2. Sherman Girl: *Nosebleed rockets upon laying eyes on that Rokiahi pic*

    Yup, your new Rokiahi pic is gonna be a big hit, Xeno–it already is with Sherman Girl. XD

    MP-SpecAlphas: *Get ideas regarding Rokiahi that is equivalent to stealing Naluri’s shorts*

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