Update No.19 : Makoto Ito


Sorry for long absence!

Now i come with latest update, Makoto Ito model for GarrysMod!

Now its available to download! below:


(Skydrive) : Download
(Gmod) : Download

More Picture:

Makoto Ito is a male character from school days anime.

He is a generally mannered and composed student in year one of class three, his life becomes
complicated when he begins to unfaithfully initiate polyamorous relationships with girls
that he is unable to singly commit to. Though he is initially casual, gregarious and
understanding, his addiction to womanizing the female protagonists over time corrupts his
personality and he instead becomes more apathetic, rash and egotistical towards others,
regardless of interpersonal harm or later consequence. However, once he truly knows he has
done wrong, he is quick in his attempts to remedy the situation. Makoto lives with his
divorced mother and has a younger sister named Itaru who lives with their father. He is
good friends with Taisuke Sawanaga and Otome Katou.

Happy Killing Makoto!!


New Wallpaper into Gallery!


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