No update again

seriously what!!??

No progress for a moment because my real-life way really consuming much all my time
but later i will show the progress on makoto ito, my second male model eh 😀

so keep in touch, the good way is by subscribe this site at top right (where u need to fill up the email)… so in this way, you will be inform with latest update in this site..

happy surfing!


  1. I use the RSS feed to keep track of your progress…

    Anyway, while that happens, the Banzai Tower has collapsed.

    Do we all hate Real Life?

    • wow~ hating real-life? isn’t it same as give up on life? ahaha no~
      i just blame my university, gimme many works till no single time for me to get freely~ grr

      admin didn’t gimme any warn about collapsing the banzai~ maybe i should create new forum eh?

      • Oops…I am just saying Real Life keeps you from what you want to do! And NO I do not mean “give up life”, there is way too much things to be explored.

        As for the BBS, the only think that happened on the BBS is the Banzai Tower section is blanked. Your forum still works although.

  2. Yup, the Apartment Block section of the BBS is still up and running. I haven’t done anything significant outside of random skits thanks to me having to keep an eye out for any responses to professors who I’m requesting their time to host my project this semester. So far I have no responses yet but the very second I do get one, I have to jump-start my project right away. o.o

  3. I just read the announcement. Good thing the Apartment Block is gonna stay up–perhaps we could make it the official stress-relief section of the BBS for anyone else who used to be on the Banzai team to unwind and screw around. o.O

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