Active as ever

Irony!… well i just updated the gallery with few stuff.. and also at animated section

News: My filefront file is back online!!! ..after certain negotiating with filefront support staff, they manage to give me a new password and back to my filefront storage page!! …only the password cant be change… how sad



This is a part of promotion video… noneless

Anime 3D Model in 3ds Max

Just Go Into Designated Section To View Those Works!!
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  1. Heh, I see you’ve been busy lately, xeno. Nice work on those pics. For some odd reason, I first mistook the first pic in this update as SpecAlpha tugging on Len’s shorts. Then again, I am half-asleep right now… XD

    Hopefully there’s some sort of modeling program that will work with my crappy low-to-mid-end Inspiron E1705–Softimage XSI won’t even start on my laptop (Failed to save scene before system failure) so that means I probably won’t be able to start modeling, let alone model Karl-Gerat Girl and Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap (who is constantly being ambush huggled by random Sherman Girls, Panzer Girls, and Cirno) anytime soon. X.X

      • The main problem I’m having is that my laptop likely can’t even handle these 3D modeling programs. Here’s what I have:

        Dell Inspiron 9400 (E1705)
        Intel Core 2 CPU T5300 @ 1.73 GHz
        1GB RAM
        ATI Mobility Radeon x1400
        Vista Home Premium

        As I said, a tad on the low-to-mid-end on the laptop scale. >.<

  2. Good thing your Filefront works now. I thought Filefront is going to be eff’d* up. However, I still detest their site look.

    Is the Trade_Thierry really a guy? Great! You make me get my eyes checked! XD The picture almost looks like Riroki, though.

    *eff is the f-word from UT3, by the way. (Eff yeah! for example)

  3. Yup. Something is really up with my laptop–recently downloaded a trial version of 3ds Max 9…and it crashes before it can even start. Worse off, there’s no log file or anything that can even help me figure out what’s going wrong. >.<

    Safe to say I won't even be able to start modeling until the day I can get a more high-end laptop–that won't happen anytime soon, so I guess if anyone needs any ideas, I'm pretty much throwing Karl-Gerat Girl and Karl-Gerat Boy out there. @.@

    Might actually try to sketch out some concept art on pen and paper though. o.o

  4. Say, come to think of it. I recently bought a shoot em up game for my XBOX360 called WarTech, Senko no Ronde.

    The drawing style their looks ALOT like the type you use (moe) but almost spot on to yours. It was a bit of a surprice. πŸ˜›

    But they had a hilarious character. At first I thought he was a she. :S

    • *Just checked one of the official sites* o.O The art style is similar to yours, xeno.

      Maybe you could get Naluri in as a custom character? XD

    • Oh, and I put up more screenshots of Chibi GlaDOS’ silliness earlier on today. Too bad there aren’t any Mecha Musume player models and ragdolls for Gmod 10 though–it’d be alot of fun to bring in a bunch of Tiger-I Heavy Tank Girls (and maybe a Tiger-I Heavy Tank Boy/Trap/Likely to be the huggle toy of some other Touhou girl for added lulz) and have them blast everyone and everything to kingdom come in our favorite sandbox-ness that is Gmod. XD

      • C:

        I note that the Miku in that vid is the one you made and not the one Boroko made. Guess I’m not the only one who likes urban maps as well. πŸ˜€

        On another note, I kinda tossed in a request that I’ve been rather reluctant to put out on the BBS for various reasons–I guess that’s what happens when I make Mecha Musume popular amongst my friends on Gaia. XD

  5. well if u want to request something, model especially…. as usual, its commission! pay for it~
    you can request for drawing too…:D —> ~pay~

    ps: i’m using my own hatsune miku because its have jiggle bone for hair and skirt… so it would make more realistic~ πŸ™‚

    • The payment for commission is not a problem. I can do that easily–it’s just how weird the idea for the models I have that had me put it off for so long. XD

      Oh, so that’s why you were doing all that testing on the jiggle bone for Miku. By any chance was it used on the Katsura Kotonoha model as well? C:

  6. Basically, these are the two characters I’m looking at right now for being made into Player models for Gmod:

    Tiger-I Heavy Tank Girl:

    Karl-Gerat Boy (o.O-looking edit of Karl-Gerat Girl from the Girl Arms lineup) :

    The second one is the main reason I put this off for so long–the very concept of Karl-Gerat Boy is just so over-the-top weird that it actually makes Panzer Len look normal. o.O;

      • I think so. She acts differently when you use the Physics Gun to pose her than all of the other models I have. o.o

        Oh, and how much do I owe you for the Tiger-I Girl + Karl-Gerat Boy commission? It’s $25 each, totaling out at $50, right? C:

      • aaaaaaaaa!!!!

        why do you paid it now!!!????
        i’m about to said “not now… because i’m busy T_T”
        even the another guy (who requested for kotonoha) ask me to do a new character but i tell him to wait until i’m free~

        now u just paid me T_T T_T T_T

    • Just to let you know, I can understand if you’re busy, so you don’t have to do it if you’re that overwhelmed with work. I don’t want to make your burden any worse, so you can put it off as long as you want. C:

      In the meantime, I’d seriously kill to have this game released to the U.S, Europe, and everywhere else that doesn’t have it.:

      Too bad I can’t even track down the sprite sheets for the characters–those would make for decent reference material if I were to actually attempt to sprite Panzer Len and Rin in that style. Of course I could use RO sprites and make Mecha Musume sprites out of those. I’ll let you know if they turn out any good. XD

      • its ok~ well i’m trying to take my time later~
        nice one with GirlArms eh!?

        lol it would be nice if they not make it as turnbase rpg ~_~

        ps: i dun like rpg

  7. Yup. You gotta love the Girl Arms lineup–some of the best WWII-style Mecha Musume I’ve seen so far (Especially Tiger-I Girl and Karl-Gerat Girl, the latter which serves as the basis for my custom joke, Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap/Cirno’s Huggle Toy). C:

    I’m not that good with RPGs either. (I suck at Super Robot Taisen no matter how much I love the series) Of course what if they made a Girl Arms game that plays like a Metal Slug game? That’d be neat. OwO

      • Or even an Armored Core-style Girl Arms game! XD

        *Tiger-I Girl pulls out a highly out-of-place MOONLIGHT Laser Blade and slashes a random Neuroi Girl in half. That same Neuroi Girl then gets blown to gibs when a Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap lands a direct hit on her with his 60cm Morser.*

  8. Speaking of Mecha Musume, guess what I’ve started work on:

    It’s still not complete as I still have to make Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap’s 60cm Morser from scratch and do all the other animations (walking, sitting, getting hit and fragg’d, dual sidearm anim frames). I also have to make a test aniGIF of Cirno’s Huggle Toy firing off the 15mm Gatling. C:

    (Note that this one’s based off of the Male Gunslinger sprites–this is what makes Karl-Gerat Boy different as I plan to use Female Gunslinger Sprites as the basis for Karl-Gerat Girl and the other Mecha Shoujos. o.o)

    • Managed to get the animation test of Gatling Fever Karl-Gerat Boy ready. Probably will start work on the 60cm Morser for Cirno’s Huggle Toy of a Mecha “Trap” tomorrow. o.o

      Thoughts? I plan to make Tiger-I Girl after this, using the Female Gunslinger sprites as the basis for her (and other Mecha Shoujo). C:

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