Update for this week

2 New wallpaper into gallery and 1 new video showing the progress of making 3D mecha musume Tiger-I of Girls Arm!
Happy Viewing


3d anime: modeling head in 10minute


  1. Naluri traversing some desert terrain and Miku wallpapers look great. XD

    As for Tiger-I Girl, I can see how even in this early stage the model has her head shape. I’m impressed. C:

    Girl Arms is win, yes? OwO

    • Not a problem. I could imagine how many screenshot ops in Gmod 10 would come out of Tiger-I Girl and Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap as player models and besides, it finally brings the Mecha Musume-ness that’s missing in Gmod. XD

  2. That’s okay. I’ve got all kinds of stuff for them to use for the time being, including this one SWEP pack full of WWII weapons and another pack full of post-WWII Machine Guns and Rifles with large-capacity ammo drums to act like squad automatic weapons (Ex: M4 Carbine with 100-round Beta C-Mag). 😀

    • On a related note, I wonder why is it that most models in Gmod 10 don’t carry the Team Fortress 2 weapons correctly? When I gave Chibi GlaDOS the Heavy’s Minigun, it looked more like the weapon was embedded in her body. Perhaps she, like many other models, don’t have the custom stances for the TF2 weapons. o.O

  3. On the Minigun models, I did find something that sorta fits the bill–a modified P90 with the biggest ammo clip I’ve ever seen and Minigun-style barrels (You’d think something like this would have a drum clip or be belt-fed). Other than that, nothing else…yet. o.O

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