No Update!!!

Sorry to say this..

i’m busy with my real-life work as a university student…. work have occupying me whole time!!! …later i will post an update if have something new or interesting~

new pic at front page! ~_~

EDIT: can anyone help me find the broken link in this site so i can fix it as fast as i can~

such example, you may click the link thats should go into certain file/page/image.. but its give you the link to main page of designated website or its give you an error message such the page didn’t exist or something…

please help


  1. I’ve looked all over the site and the only thing I can find that has a broken link are the old V1 and V2 Naluri models for HL2. Everything else seems to work, methinks. o.o

  2. The pics that link to deviantART seem to not work–they re-route you to the front page of dA (with the exception of Miku + BRS and V3 Rokiahi). Anything linking to Photobucket or elsewhere seems to work fine. o.o

    • Fanart section seems to be immune to this bug–I’ve been able to access all the pics in the fanart section so far. o.o

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