Filefront does wierd thing again!

Go here :

what do you see? a new face right!?…. well thats the problem…
now i’m having a problem to upload a file into filefront… my account simply change by them and even i cant login into my own account!! “password wrong” what they could say….

Even they didn’t put the option “forgot password” so i cant recover back any change to the password to my email. The only thing is i cant see any of this option!!!  aww… crap~

Do not worry, the old file are still intact but i dont know how much long ~_~ (because they always ask for deletion before)
So thats mean, i need to create new account, just using skydrive or ask filefront support to give my pass back!!

Gallery Update

New fanart is up!


  1. Have you tried e-mailing the peeps at FileFront to either help get your password back or reset it? Maybe that could work. o.o

    Lol, Chibi Naluri. Too bad there aren’t any Nendoroids of her out there–that’d be win, methinks. XD

  2. Apparently I disliked the new Filefront. I cannot even find the catagories section in case I need to look for some files.

    Actually, that might not be the only problem. I noticed several people who posted files, especially UT2004, in Filefront are gone! In other words, most of the files I downloaded are gone now, whereas some managed to reupload it back to the site.

    Funny enough I still have your old models on my computer (from Momo-Sion and even the RokiahiV1) lol.

    • Basically it’s across the board on FileFront, huh? In that case I should download everything I’ve wanted to download before anything else happens. @.@

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