List of work

Recent contest had shown the winner of Rokiahi V3 design in Deviantart! because of that, now i mainly focus on making this character.

Here’s the winner picture:

This is likely to say, my next project would be modeling Rokiahi v3 model! but recently someone just donate me some money, so i do a favor to making what he wanted to… so the course work have change a little… i must model Kagamine Rin and Len in Panzer Armored Infantry Costume (mecha musume) first… anyway thanks for the donation!

Here Listing:

  1. Kagamine Rin & Len
  2. Rulia 3d Model (contestant OC)
  3. Rokiahi V3
  4. One art at DeviantArt

New Model

SPECTRE Rifleman is downloadable

This model is for BANZAI Mod so the quality is not as expected, but still playable



  1. Sorry to bump this January news but I am coming across an issue with the SpecRifleman (the male model). After I killed the male rifleman and walked (or crouched) over his dead body, I am instantly gibbed!

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