Skin for Sherman Armored Infantry

PANZER SKIN is now available for download!


here:  PanzerSkin.rar

From readme:

This Pack Contain Panzer armored tank skin for Sherman Armored Infantry and edited a bit of sherman texture

Contain File = Texture: PanzerTex.utx & ShermanTex.utx
= System: PanzerArmored.upl &
Requirement = Sherman Armored Infantry Model
Installation = Copy both two folder into ut2004 directory and overwrite the file

The Panzer abillity still posses a same as Sherman armored

Have fun and a nice day playing!

+help supporting my work by donating some money
detail :

Help supporting my work by donating some money!


  1. Wow, Great update for this Skin xeno : )

    I Wish to see more updates from you, i´m Downloading now.


  2. Like they said in “Allo Allo” (great comedy series): Tler!

    I guess they’re here to look for the painting of the fallen madonna with the giant boobies (yeah they called it that in the comedy) by Van Cloomp…

    Downloading. 😛

  3. Well, I´m download the file and I tested and its……………………………………….FABULOUS 😀

    Great job dude, there much better if you added a special weapon like Sherman armored, but i like it anyway (:3)

  4. Downloaded it yesterday–even now I have to say the sight of Sherman armored and Panzer armored girls blasting each other all over the map with 75mm Portable Tank Cannons is never gonna get old. XD

  5. Looool. Having an MG151 and being able to dual-wield those would seem like a fun thing to do. XD [/gertrudbarkhornreference]

  6. Yes it would. It’d be so much fun to have all my chars (usually the robots on the Blood Fist team like Szygy and Cobalt along with the Mecha Musume girls) run around with massive MG151 autocannons in each hand a la Gertrud Barkhorn (Strike Witches). The fun never ends! :3

  7. Good question. I was thinking of the MG151 autocannons Gertrud Barkhorn used during the Strike Witches series and wonder if anyone made that as well. o.O

  8. Aaaah! I love the Panzer skin for the Sherman Armored Infantry Girl model!

    I wonder what people would think if someone made a Rin Kagamine model dressed like the Panzer or Sherman, or maybe even Len Kagamine crossplaying as a Panzer! 😀

  9. *Pictures what UnrealObssessedLolita mentioned* o.O

    I just realized how wrong and funny the thought of the Kagamine twins cosplaying (crossplaying in Len’s case) as Panzer/Sherman Armored Infantry in UT2004 sounded–I could imagine someone playing as, say, a Skarrj going “what?” as they see Panzer cosplay Rin or Panzer crossplay Len before either of the Kagamine twins frag them. That would make for one of the funniest UT2004 models out there. XD

  10. *Hugs Len plushie* ^_^

    Hopefully these ideas go through–Panzer Skin makes me wanna see Rin and Len in them. C:

  11. *Has just donated you something via PayPal*

    It’s not much but I’ll probably be able to donate a little more next month. If you need me to test any models in UT2004 for any bugs, I can do that. :3

  12. Woaaa!! thank you for donation, Bunneh Shota!!! ^_^

    soon i’ll post my list next progression model and upload new model, SPECTRE Rifleman~
    because of ur donation, maybe u can ask me what u want me to model! ^_^ (in detail)

  13. @ Ota-kun: Lol, that might actually be a good idea. Unreal Vocaloids for the win! XD

    @ Xenoaisam: I hope the SPECTRE Rifleman goes well. As for models, I kinda like UnrealObssessedLolita’s idea of Rin and Len Kagamine cosplaying (crossplaying in Len’s case) as Panzer Armored Infantry Girls–Rin because we’d love to see her in Mecha Musume costume and Len as a silly joke). Since you already have the Sherman Girl model and Panzer Girl skins finished, I guess you could use that to save some time in making models that look like Rin and Len in Mecha Musume garb.

    random Skarrj: *Looks up a Kagamine Sibling Panzer Armored Infantry* 😛 Nice pantsu Rin! *Tries to shoot but–*

    Len: *Blows up said Skarrj with portable 75mm Sherman Cannon* Heeey! >..<

  14. ^ Think of how funny that would be–if you made those Panzer cosplay/crossplay Rin/Len Kagamine, anyone playing as either Panzer cosplay Rin or Panzer crossplay Len can confuse other players my making them mistake Len for Rin and Rin for Len. XD XD XD

  15. ^ I know, rite? One second you think you’re fighting Panzer cosplay Rin but then you realize you’re fighting Panzer crossplay Len or the other way around. C:

    I wish I could donate but I don’t have PayPal (or a credit card). ;-;

    I love your work Xenoaisam! Keep up the good work! 😀

  16. OMG!~ u got weird idea on your head!

    ok lets see:
    Kagamine Rin and Len, wear PANZER ARMORED INFANTRY costume,
    so u want me to make Len only with underwear too?

    woot 0_o

    or only boxer? 😛

  17. Give Len the bikini-cut undies (a.k.a. “man pantsu”)–makes it more wrong and funny (To Len’s dismay and maybe Rin likes what she sees). XD

    I could imagine how many Skarrj and Necris would end up confused and losing the title of Tournament Champion to Len just because of that. XD XD XD

  18. That’s what makes it funny–the fact that Len + Mecha Musume costume (with “man pantsu”) = o.O + D: + lol

    Anyways, I recently downloaded your SPECTRE Rifleman models. They’re for the Banzai! total conversion, right? :3

  19. Yup, they are the main enemy grunts…

    In the mod, they serve mostly as guards and stronger military units. During more descret missions, they send out operatives instead…

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