Need Update!!

Recently everything is going soo slowwww

i did finish what i make. see:

  • Naluri V3 for ut2004
  • Bertha Sniper
  • Voice

and the only things left is HEgrenade!! Just 1st person hand animation left but the code and everything is playable!!

Now something wrong this day, my pc(desktop) emit some burn smell! but the pc it’s still working! but the side effect is, loading to enter microsoft window is turn to sloww even to enter deathmatch map in ut2004 is slow too!!

uhh~ i need a new pc!!

here just some silly update to gallery uhuhu: GO TO GALLERY TO VIEW FULL IMAGE




  1. Aw, Naluri is having her vacation (with a machinegun???) eating an icecream, cuuuuute…

    But her sunhat has an interesting design. 😛

    But who are the other girls?

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