Naluri Kawaii Shot!

Update progress

Just to inform, Bertha Sniper Rifle is finished!

now continue on making hand grenade for her~

the feature of hand grenade is it can’t be drop after player death! I don’t know how i should explain this but later i will show you’ll the result

In addition, i add several post shot from ingame~ Kawaii Naluri in action!

spotted the red hair?? Its for the red team side~ hahaha everytime she need to dye her hair when changing the team 😛


  1. Hahaha, funny idea with the hair colouring. Poor Naluri XD…

    If you’d like, I could make a special red team skin for her suit. 🙂

  2. ahaha~ i’m still use my moe feature for every model!!
    moe~ moe~ moe~

    hmm~ the one which make it late to be release is the weapon~
    i need to do both, character and weapon

    come to think of it~ i should ask someone to make 1 level just to allow MOE and LOLI character to be choose then defend the attack of pedobear!!!! If u win then proceed to the next level! If u lose, some scene shot shows ur character being molest by pedobear hehehe~

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