Update on Drawing

Front page pic has been colored ~ to view full pic of the art, please go to gallery section

contain update:

  • Art Black n white
  • Color version

The character in the pic is SpecAlpha in different style perspective~ hope u gonna like it ^_^


  1. When I saw the text, SPec…

    I thought: Wow the second Spec member! 😀

    Then I saw: ALPHA…

    I thought: Wow, she’s different…

  2. I’ve got to say, I really like the details on ALPHA’s skirt, very beautiful, altough, her hand chestures (Is it spelled like that?) look a bit like she’s slightly (forgive me for this sentence) retarded…

    By the way, what is that gun she got next to her? Looks like a Mauzin Naggant Sniper Rifle…

  3. Yeah, I had right!
    I recognised it from MGS3!

    Ah, so she says: “I’m honor to serve u Sire!”

    Hmm, I think I know who the Sire is, Nr.1! The leader of Spectre!
    Or maiby SpecOMEGA…

  4. Yup, originally created by the “Cicillians” to impersonate humans on Earth, so that they would destroy Earth’s cities from within, but SPECTRE managed to get ahold of one of them (maiby more) and reprogrammed her to become a servant of SPECTRE. I don’t know if she has any memories left of her service with the aliens, but it’s unlikelly, considering that they’re base of operation was destroyed, and her original AI was scrapped…

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