Naluri for HL2 progress update!

Thanks for lord Boroko who’s doing the update for HL2 Naluri!

Actually at first , he was trying to do the model as low as 5000polys, regarding the statement from source engine is standard below 10kpoly support for player model~

but source engine actually can support up to 25000polys, so the opportunity are given to Boroko to increase up the model poly count so it would look more beautiful and ofcourse! causing some performance drop

and this the latest picture of Naluri after the increased of polycount

Ingame Pic:


  1. of course i gonad release it…is just need some adjustment and change in the compiling script..and whola finish 😀

  2. what u mean 5???

    errr forgot to tell, the person name rikku(the girl that i asking before in msn, who is she?) have take my Rokiahi model for modded it in half-life 1 mod~ maybe she will replace it with enemy NPC, hgrunt

    uhuhuh T_T rokiahi become bad side!

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