vvko tune finish~

this probably some view of how vv-ko ingame~ this is the latest update after repair a bit of her face. Check this out!:


  1. WoW she’s beautifull in UT Xeno!
    Her cheeks are a little to big thoe…

    But I wonder: Why does her clips does’nt have the SPECTRE logo eyes? :S

  2. she works on her own! 😛

    well u see the pic above not final!
    the latest one should appear electrical bolt around her hand~

    and when running, she create a dust at her shoes~

  3. Just recently saw your new frontpage pic: My thoughts…

    I wanna see them dance! XD
    Damn I’m so immature…

    Also, I recently noticed that my girlfriend Matilda looks a bit like Haruhi! XD

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