well after i finished diploma year from university, i’m working on in my dad office. Well it just because my datacore is in there~ T_T

so now here i’m listing what i doing through this time:
in office: with DATACORE (my lovely Desktop)

  • doing weapon code for vvko
  • re-tune vvko model
  • doing my dad website
  • some others work

at home: with MOBILEDATA (Laptop)

  • doing “hare hare yukai dance” for Naluri model, maybe will add other model too~

So i cannot sure when the work of the banzai or model would be finish, unless if i heard banzai continue, i will focus more on banzai


  1. Actually, Stedman posted recently saying that he was waiting for the Rifleman character to be done… so we’re… working… technically… yeah…

    Anyways, what’s a “hare hare yukai dance”?

  2. Ah…
    lol, Naluri dancing to a Haruhi dance…
    Come to think of it… they’re names are pretty simhilair…

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