Update~ update~ update!

grr when happy new year celebrate, my news of this website just shows the archive from 2007 (last year)

So i need remake all those news into new section! so every visitor need to choose which year news they going to see~~

so hope you’ll enjoy in here!! ^_^

err~ before i forgot!! For the visitor which first time visiting here, please look into archive of 2007…… all my work in progress shows much in there ^_^


  1. I think I’ve found one that might reflect ALPHA’s robotic character! Go check your E-mail (by the way, how’s it going?)

  2. I have, but I can’t reach him on SkinCity, even thoe I checked that he has been there just recently! What’s going on?

    Maiby you can get in touch with him? If you have time that is…

    I’m curious about his progress…

  3. Got in touch with him! He’s very busy with his new job. So no worries… ^_^

    How are the Uni work going for you?

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