Miku Hatsune!!

I dont know how to say much!! suddenly i’m just spotted Miku Hatsune as installment in the Vocaloid developed by the Yamaha Corporation…. she soo kawaiiii

Here the sample of singing synthesizer of her!!

more funny are the parody from matrix reloaded!!!

One comment

  1. Never heard of her. But I agree, she’s pretty cute! ^_^
    Wait a minute, I have seen her somewhere…hmm…
    I think it was in a fighting game…
    Oh yeah, it was MUGEN, ever heard of it? It’s a fighting game for computers, where you can download fighting game characters from EVERY famous 2d fighters, all the way from StreetFighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, EVERYONE, you can even find unique ones like Movie characters or even some other videogame characters like Mario and Luigi and Megaman characters and such. And even odd characters like Homer Simpson and Mortal Kombat characters, not forgeting characters from shoot’EM-Up games like Gradius, R-Type and such, I think she was one of them…

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