Gallery Update

New picture added into gallery, VV-KO and how the Guardian should be 😛

Go now into gallery section!!

As to inform, the search for weapon guardian NPC for vv-ko are canceled due to lack of my knowledge about coding T_T but as to replace it, i have another option for the weapon! but now VV-KO will fire the spirit that chase the opponent

We’ll see about that! ^_^


  1. Woah… That’s very different from what I had imagined, I thought it was to be her bow transformations following her and protecting her! O_O
    Really cool in any case, but more like something that IC-Ko would use! She’s more of a Death incarnate, VV-Ko is just a bastard, but it’s really cool!

  2. Oh, by the way, I E-Mailed Goldfenix to ask him about the progress on Q-Ko and SS-Ko! He has’nt responded for a WEEK!!! O_O

    Maiby he’ll listen to you more? O.o

  3. Oh, Xeno do you have a fixed illustration of the weapon for VV-Ko? If not, I have made one based on one single image in Q-Ko-Chan! I also tried to draw it on humanoid VV-Ko, it looks awesome! ^_^

  4. By the way, I’ve found something that “might” work as a name for the Sherman Tank! These tanks were part of a operation known as “Lend Lease” maiby she could be called Shelease or something like that? Or if you want it PASKAL like with an I, then call her Sheleasi! ^_^

  5. hmm~ pretty good but i was thinking using her right robot hand as the weapon with glowing electrical emitter~

    but for now its hard to make those black ‘swirl’ thing at your drawing~

  6. Hmm… actually It might not be to difficult. You make a spiral that’s basically just a cone that has a masked texture that spirals round and round, only having a a very pointy and sharp edge on the end, and letting it all rotate around her arm, this would create the effect of having it spiral around her! And it could spawn out of her robot hand! I imagined it aswell! 😉

  7. Your idea is cool aswell! OH wait! I got an idea! What are the primary function and the secondary function? If the secondary function is a powerful attack, then the spiral could spawn out of the hand nad fire it!

  8. By the way Xeno. I tried duking Your Kos-Mos vs. Darth Mel’s Kos-Mos, aaaand, after around 16 kills, they went up to each other aaaaand, they did… nothing…. nada, not a thing…

  9. hahahaha thats funny Ruki errr…. megatron? uhh well this month i’m back with the busiest live!! even doesn’t have a chance on modeling those!! Sorry~ T_T

    err friendship heh~

  10. Oh, sounds rough, well yeah, I’m currently playing through the Singleplayer as Megatron, (with a bunsh of Decepticons as teammates) so yeah… but it’s me…

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