new update had done as waiting upcoming new year~

new image added into gallery section (color version) as with the appearance of new welcoming page picture

Go into gallery now!!


  1. Oh, by the way, my printer has busted, but I have made some illustrations for some poses and stances that VV-Ko could use! ^_^
    I think they’ll make her look awesome…

  2. i’m trying to figure out the monster code for VV-KO weapon but seems i’m really take longest time to search how to make those monster become the projectile~ like ons- spider mine

    but those spidermine doesn’t use monster code T_T thats the problem for now

  3. if the spidermine using monster code, it will move itself using the monster code like in invasion gametype~

    but as you sees now the spidermine only stay in one spot and waiting for the target to get near, then it will move…

    but so far now, i just got the code but the monster only become friendly if in invasion gametype! but not in other DM, TDM ,CTF,…. type

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