User Agreement

1. Ownership. The XenoAisam retains copyright on 3d models/items purchased or downloaded by any 3rd party.

2. Rights Granted. XenoAisam grants to 3rd party who purchases and download 3d models publicly perform, publicly display, and digitally perform said content and also part for game modification

3. Resale. The resale or redistribution by the third party of any 3d model/items purchased or downloaded from the XenoAisam is expressly prohibited when the shape, the looks, the silhouette of the model still intact same, almost same or didn’t change. You may resale it if the model is 80% altered or using only part of XenoAisam model for your own, and sell your own model

4. Credits.3rd party may put the xenoaisam into your credits for the usage of the model/items

5. Agree.3rd party may agree the agreement stated above!

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