New Paper

Creating Hair:

Hopefully, you’ll get fit with the all learning experience from last tutorial. Now we’re continuing with the creating of hair.

For the newbie here, please refer back to First head tutorial, so you will not miss with income from the first tutorial.

Let’s get started!!

There are several different ways on creating the hair such using vertex stranded, texture, hairfx, etc. etc. The vertex stranded are performance consuming but easier to make, Texture need for people who experience with hair skinning or art but less pc consuming, and hairfx create realistic hair but mostly for render version and less usage in game but higher cost to buy the product.

In this tutorial we’re going to teach you about easiest way! Vertex stranded. Make sure yours PC can catch-up with the performance.

STEP 1 new paper:

Now back with the basic. Create small plane like a piece of paper

  1. Hidden yours face first by right click on face and choose “hide selection”

  1. Create face like below and change “width segments” into 2 and length 6:

  1. Now using vertex “cut” and make it like hair after you change it into “editable poly”

  1. Delete the below stranded (highlight red) by using “polygon” parameter

  1. Select all, assign it number 3, then go to “modifier” and choose  “UVW map”

For testing assigning, make sure when “select ID” no.3, it will highlight your hair

  1. Take planar, then scroll down bit and take z also click at fit button

  1. Right click at “UVW Mapping”, then “collapse all”. If prompt warning, just click “yes”

  1. Now curve your hair using your own skill, by referring the front and side picture. Normally right click and choose for “unhide” the face if it usable for your reference.
  1. My result:

  1. Copy the hair by hold shift button and move it to Left side and design it with proper way, just do it half and the result:


  1. After finished editing hair, just attach the hair with another hair! To make it as one group. Try to duplicate, or move it with your own proper way
  2. My result:


  1. After finished, select the face, click “attach”, then click at hair!
  1. Result:


    • yeah its bad! but i told upthere there’s several technique on making hair! using vertex stranded, texture (alpha), hairfx and etc…

      vertex stranded is the easiest for non artist…

  1. hey, I followed this tutorial, i wanted to create a hair that has no symmetry property like the one in this tutorial.

    I wanted to create like one side longer than the other, if you get what I mean. the problem is, when i was trying to attach the hair, the hair just symmetry it self, which i find it troublesome, how do i fix that?

    • try right click at modifier to “collapse all” then you can edit the other part of the hair.. but be cautious, collapse all will apply the symmetry and cant be change anymore

  2. I usually use a hemisphere then extrude the edge one by one (the laziest and the fastest way I got). But the result wasn’t really make me happy. By the way, do you know how to make a hair like in MMD ? I search all over the internet, but it seems really need a long and hard progress (I tried it and never succeed).

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