My Powerful Pen

Step 5 my powerful pen! :

We’ll continue with “Using of Pen”!! Well it also consider as “Vertex” in 3dsmax. Now please follow the highlighted with yellow: Click on “Vertex” and scroll down the menu below and you will find “cut” button and click it


1. Now try draw follow the head line (don’t draw hair)


2. After finish it, please delete the polygon outside the drawing line by using method in step 4. Result will like below picture:


3. Draw faces lines using your skill of drawing! If you want to delete some lines just click “edge” at below vertex modifier (look into picture at first intro of step 5) and then click the line at your picture and “Remove” button at the menu. Do not click “Del” at keyboard!! It will also remove polygon and make hole to your face.

If wanted to look your polygon, just press “F3”. The good way to draw the line are starting with eyes edge first, then mouth, and continue with other part of face.

Sorry! No such easy way of doing this~ But patient is the key of success.

Try not draw finish all the line instead leave the forehead not being drawn~ Leave it empty!

4. Now try deleting your character eyes, forehead, and internal mouth (mark with A). It should highlight with red

5. After done it, press and now go maximize the “Perspective Viewport” and then press “F3”. The picture should looks like bellow:



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  1. …And here have I been, hand drawing and dragging every individual poly for months only to find out this way now.

    *Deletes her 60.000 poly f*ed up head model of Seras Victoria.*

  2. Hello, 🙂

    I have a question again.. when i do this like you did it.. i dont have many edge like yours.. waw, i just draw the verteks that surround the eyes.. but it doesnt make any edge like you.. hmm, can you elaborate that?.. 🙂

    Thank you so much ^_^

  3. you mean my picture?.. :O how do i show you my picture?.. humm but my drawing skill is bad.. T_T… in your email or where?.. :O

    Thank you.. 🙂

  4. hey xenoaisam, karias aka ruby here 😀 been following ur tut, and i got stuck at this part, no idea how you did those eyes.
    Did you mass cut tool? or did you use something to create more lines?

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