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This tutorial will teach us about how to make an anime model for those who dreaming to create its own model. By the way, I’m recommended for those who only interest in making the anime model! Because the people who’re interest much will be focus more on learning this tutorial. Otherwise, it will be such waste in time! But for learning and some reference, I’ll accept it as a one of the way of learning method. This tutorial created by my own way of doing the model! Not much reference from the 3dsmax tutorial but some reference from the internet~ Let’s get started!! The conceptual of making this model just like a piece of paper and a pencil/pen, and then we draw on it. Same with basic drawing method! Need pen and paper~ but it is more advance drawing! One step to make you advance further! Basic needs!

  • Drawing skill!!

This important~ draw your own character!!! or just take other anime picture… but you will feel it’s not your own work! Maybe only I think this way

  • Basic drawing media

Paper, pen, pencil, Photoshop or corel photo-paint (I’m using this)

  • 3D

3ds max 7 is one of the requirements to follow up this tutorial. Other software maybe acceptable but I didn’t test it if the methods are same.

  • Skill of Picture manipulate

Mirroring, cropping or others in photoshop or corel program

STEP 1 Drawing manipulate: For now, I’m using character provide from rukifellth, its name VV-KO from q-ko-chan series~

1. Create new folder and name it your character

2. Draw your desirable picture (I mean the anime character). Must facing front face such this below sample:

Don’t worry if you’re not draw it fully! Just draw it well in other side just like my top picture. I’m only draw it well on left side. (The upper picture is VV-KO)

3. Crop the picture in proper and well align in center (Bellow picture):


4. Make sure save the file picture in other name (for safety)

5. Mirror it or flip horizontally! then just copy the picture (ctrl-c) And become like this (Below Picture):



6. Open up old picture and fit it with new cropping image (below pic):


7. Edit little bit of the picture (the face especially), save the result (using other file name) and it become proper align (below picture):

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  1. Nice tutorial Xeno! Hopefully, I’ll get some use for this when I get a computer that is compatible with 3ds! ^_^;

    But your pic on VV-Ko, (droll) she looks great! The details on her uh… spiky part of her dress and arms looks so nice with the rose like details, reminds me of “Rosen Maiden”. Awesome!

  2. I can’t see your picture examples though I’m not sure its just me. I’d really like to use this tutorial, but its hard to know I’m doing it right when I can’t see your examples.

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