Drawing Arrangement

Step 2 drawing arrangement:

Continue with the picture~ this time we will only focus on head first! Head is the most important area when we trying to start with modeling. Just like drawing, first we need to draw head, eyes, hair etc but it depend from user own perspectives which where they want to start first. Some user have started with leg first, then body. It’s depend with your own like but this tutorial will teach starting with head first. Most favorite way!


1. You need take the picture result from your work before and we will continue with cropping the head only.

2. Make sure your crop it with proper align with the left and right. For example the cropping border line left and right must reach the tip end of the batwing (A). Focus also on upper and bellow border line.

3. The result. Save the file with other name:

4. Now draw facing side of the character face:

5. Use your image editor software (photoshop, corel etc) and import both picture (front and side) and put it at side-by-side.

6. Draw lines and try only resize the side picture as follow 4 main reference of front picture (nose, mouth , eyes iris and chin)

7. Save the side result maybe it would look like below. Try using same pixel size like front picture to save the side so the alignment would not run off.

Done picture manipulate!

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  1. This is definitely the most key part of the creation of the 3D model, since you base everything off of this.

    Wish I could draw like this too.

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