Step 10 Continuity:

Now, only partial of head finished, but now we try to create back head by continue the edge line.

1.   Select the “Edge” at editable poly

2.   Select “move” and pick all edge line at below sphere

3.   Hold Shift at keyboard, and then move the edge go below. You can continue this method until covered up all edge line at focusing vertex.

4.   Now try using you skill referring from above step and continue carving the head by collapse, move, and alignment usage.

5.   Result after editing should be like below

Please leave a hole for neck:

6.   After you done it, you face will looks like many flat polygon! Just select all by using “polygon” instead of “edge”.

7.   Go into polygon parameter, scroll down until you see some arrangement of number, and click number 1:

8.   Result:

9.   Continue with neck by refer the front and left picture. Edit the vertex by cut button to add the vertex if you think it proper and move the vertex properly.

My result by adding and editing some vertex

10.         Result

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