Step 8 attachments:

Now we learn how to stick that face

1.   Now create the sphere~ using step 4 how to create sphere instead of creating plane. Be sure the segment turn from 32 to 12 just to prevent high poly

2.   Try using left viewport, create the sphere and adjust the sphere so it would look properly human head size.

3.   Change the head into editable poly (instruction in step 4 no 3) and cut the head half using method in step 4! And cut also half below.

4.   Try cut using vertex looks like below:

5.   Now deselect the work you’ve done and now select the face, then click attach button! (Make sure click your face not your sphere!) We will try applying the symmetry at face into sphere too.

6.   After attach button clicked, then click at sphere!

You will notice the sphere color change into the color of your face and also when you clicked at symmetry, the sphere also have mirrored too.

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