Another Paper

Step 2 Another Paper:

Now we continue to make curly hair! Maybe the hard one

  1. Hide your face and create one plane at front viewport. Length 10, width 2.

  1. Change the plane into “editable poly” and apply material ID to 4, then go to modifier list and pick “Twist”.

  1. Change the parameter so the angle would be 720. That’s mean it will twist 2 times. Take “Y” on twist axis and you will see the result

  1. Click at “+” symbol near twist, pick “Gizmo”, then go to top viewport, move the gizmo with your own way

  1. The result:

  1. Duplicate (hold shift and move style) the hair and make it like this

  1. Attach both hair and duplicate second time! To attach, make sure “collapse all” both hair, then attach all of it

  1. MSmooth the hair so result will be like this:

  1. Unhide all and try to fit with the head.

  1. Select face, click “attach” and click at both hair!! Result:


  1. O.O

    From Step 1 all the way to this last step and this is just for the head–wow, I have to hand it to you to have the patience to actually do all this. :3

    • I didn’t understnad anything after teh cropping the head………… … I liked it though.. Itf i was smart im sure i would have got it right on Lol :p

  2. so when you attach, did you assign it with different id number too? like in step 11, and after we assign a number, does that actually make the object two separate objects as one object? because i was thinking how do you actually make the hair sway a bit when the character moves in your youtube videos.

    • the purpose of id is for texturing coordinate, but then i’m not teach here how to texture~
      but when attach, all object become one! but still can be select in ‘editable poly’ dropdown and select ‘element’…
      you may not understand this, try to figure it out self hehehe 😀
      the hair sway by using bone~

  3. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! but I can’t find any good downloads or anything of 3d max… any suggestions? It would also be really awesome if you could do a coloring tutorial! I’m a big fan of your art!

  4. I love your guides so far, though I’m wondering if you plan to add a coloring and clothing tutorial. It would be awesomely amazing of you to do that. I’ve liked your works since I downloaded your miku mod for HL2 and would learn to make similar works with other characters I like also.

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