How to purchase the items

Subscriber who’s want the source model in 3ds max, 3ds, obj format or anythings need to pay for each model through my paypal donate system.

Pay and type the purpose as subscribe for “name of model” download

After paying,you need to send email to me with using msn, msn live, hotmail account and say “my name is (your name same with the name at paypal). i’ve paid for subscribe and this my hotmail/msn/live account for access”.
The reason is, i will put your email account into download access at skydrive system to allow download the item

send to this email :


I will take any request as long if i have free time to do. Pay higher will make the job get faster and better.

The model cost is about 35usd each and may change depend on its difficulty.So any payment are make using paypal through the donate link at side…
for first time, pay 10usd for contract. After the model is finish, and i show the model then the balance of 25usd need to be pay. After all paid settle, i will release the model!

Just dont pay first! Pay after i asking you to do that!

Must follow this condition:

The rules within request:

  • I use to make human model only but still considerable for other things if within my skill :P
  • ‘MOE’ is preferable! but Man is not prefer ~_~ but i still can do it… just worry about the outcome quality
  • No hentai, Nude, or anything thats too much expose such girls in bare bikini, swimsuit or such.. make them cover with cloth in creative way like my PASKAL Girls.
  • The originality is preferable! such oc (original character) but i still accept the one in anime though. It is because i dont want to be question so much about copyright. I receive payment for the model i create and my hard works on making it but the copyright of the character your request still respective to their owner.
  • No touhou! dont ask~
  • Read the rulezz and obey!


I will never give your personal information unless you are happy for me to do so.
Your information is collected and stored on form of digital in secure server, my PC and writing media. I may keep your information for a reasonable period and may change if certain condition lead the situation

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