Name: SpecAlpha
Sex: Cyborg Female
Millitary Group: SPECTRE Elite Paratroops Soldier
Effective Camouflage: URBAN, City scape

Alpha was created by an alien race from Juda Central System, Sicilia (alien machine star) as a cybernetic cyborg during invasion on earth. In this time, she was assign as a normal Shock trooper to fight against earth-military forces especially SPECTRE and PASKAL. After Long-years earth struggle with this alien invaders, those military faction cooperate together to take the last method to stop this invasion by launching all nuclear missile from all silos around the earth, targeting The Sicilia Star and about 100 000 ballistic missile launched. These great actions destroyed the central core system and wipeout the star in an hour. Alpha lost controls with the command base become neutralize when nearly breach the SPECTRE command core system. This also neutralize all alien forces around the earth. With this opportunity, SPECTRE took them all and tried to keep it while the others forces in earth such PASKAL, destroyed the leftover. After the incident, human behavior still being infected by their own evil desire. Those armies continue to fight each other for the willing of who’s will control the earth.

Alpha becomes the experimental project of SPECTRE for creation of the elite soldier to fight against PASKAL and other forces. During this experiment, SPECTRE obtains highly futuristic technology data belong to Sicilia during scanning of Alpha mind. But this technology not fully developed and discontinued because the main SPECTRE base was fully assault by PASKAL force lead by Riroki at CrabKey. Many scientists and captured specimen (alien) were dead and destroyed because those scientist tried to protect their work. Alpha was safely secure and escapes using secret underground route and rendezvous with other escaping SPECTRE force to Second command SPECTRE base.

After fully programed, now Alpha is fully control by SPECTRE force and become an elite soldier to fight against PASKAL.

SpecAlpha has been given as symbolize one of the highly trained elite soldier. Alpha has assign to elite paratroops soldier drop by stealth aircraft into her favorite place, urban area and become worst enemy to Rokiahi.

She equips with air-foil at her leg and head to give better maneuver when in the air even this also help her movement become light and dodge faster when under heavy fire of her enemy.

SpecAlpha available for Unrealtournament 2004:
SpecAlpha v1.0


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