Name: Naluri

Sex: Female

Millitary Group: PASKAL Desert Force

Effective Camouflage: Desert area, Sahara, Egyptian environment

Team-color assign: Yellow

Naluri once a gypsies for king palace. but seem the country occupied by SPECTRE forces later, Naluri was prison in dungeon. With the help of other gypsies for escaping, Naluri at last manage to escape and run out from the city from being chase by Spectre soldier. She’s manage to get far from city and met with truck convoy, but unfortunately, its Spectre convoy. Naluri being seduce a bit but in moment later, Group of Paskal division reveal from hiden place and ambushing the convoy. Naluri was save and had been prefer to join PASKAL as to help later plan infiltration to palace and save the king and destroy the SPECTRE in that city.

Picture V1 and V2:

Picture of Version3 in action:

ahaha testing3 naluri0029 3dprocess3dsmax comparison adad Moe!! Moe!!


  1. So that image you used to have in front was Naluri in casual clothes!
    I thought it was you! Sorry! ^_^;

    Casual Naluri looks awesome! We got to have a part with hear in casual clothes! ^_^

    Maiby during an unexpected attack! O_O

  2. This is far the best cell shaded model in my opinion.

    Your doing a good job with her and putting in multiple games.

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