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  1. Awesome! I already got your models, so I’m gonna try those games… (Ever played MUGEN?)

  2. Yes and No…
    When you first download it, you have one character, and one level…
    But on the internet, you can find billions of characters and levels from StreetFighter, Touhou, King of Fighters, Rozen Maiden (I got them all), Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken, Vampire Savior, EVERY 2d Fighting game in existence! Very Fun game, you can even find screenpacks that can increase the amount of characters you can have in the game!

  3. super cosplay war ultra?
    lol looks like mugen to me. dunno, i’ll download & see..
    left the mugen world too long, dunno what happened to it. XD

  4. Hi there XenoAisam, your models for UT2004 are astounding, my only problem is they don’t scale properly against the other characters, I always use your KosMos model on my teams with an Athena Asamiya voicepack I made, great model, my personal favourite as the proportions scale perfectly with all other models.

    Keep making great models


  5. yeah~ thanks for ur favourite~ all my model have its own scale~ so its only fit with my other model, but no ut2004 default player~

    so i prefer u play the game with all my model only~

    err~ u not upload the voicepack u made for download?

  6. Hi XenoAisam!
    I just wanted to say thank you for all the great models you made for UT2004, they are the only reason I still play UT2004 regularly beside UT3^^ Any chance that you’ll make the models for UT3 someday in the future? I really miss my Anime-ish feeling of UT2004 when I play UT3 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. well i’ve got a problem with ut3~
    1st: i’m not playing it much cause the HDR effect hurt my eyes n such boring gameplay
    2nd: My pc spec still low (1.8ghz n Radeonx1600)
    3rd: To modded the model into ut3 still pain even they already have tutorial

    well i did test it with sherman unit but yet it quite buggy ~ n ut3 now much focus to realistic style~ its not quite suitable with this anime theme looks~

  8. Bah, I don’t care wether it’s mixed appearence, or Realistic or Anime…

    I love the characters as they are, and I’m not to bothered to see realistic cgaracters with Anime style characters…

  9. Well I see your problems, I can however help you with the first two^^:
    You can disable the Bloom/HDR effect by doing the following:

    First locate your UTEngine.ini in WinXP it’s located in “C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config” and in Vista “C:\Users\[User]\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config”

    Now find the following entries in the file and set them to False:


    This should disable 90% of UT3s annoying light effects and also help you on the performance.
    On a side note, what settings do you use? I have a x1600 myself and can play fine on medium settings?

    For the Boring Gameplay, get the Map Suntower and play it with 5 bots, it will make a hell of fun^^

    And I agree with Rukifellth, for all Animes Lovers it wont matter if the rest of the game looks realistic^^

    I really wish I could help you on the modding issue itself but I never tried something like modeling, sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Nice models you have here Xeno
    Keep up the good work and I hope to see the V2’s and V3’s of all of your models come out in the near future
    i was wondering why the MOMO Mizrahi model/skin isnt here…

    maraming salamat… kawaii ng lahat!

  11. LOL, Your skins are awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ (And my Favorite ones).

    About Free Games, you can contact me and i could send to you a few games for you enjoy (Donยดt worry, all of this games works much than better in your machine).

    This is my mail if youยดre interest:



  12. Well, on a server for a hl2 mod Zombiemaster, me and some friends uploaded the Anime pack 1 files to the server and changed to the skins, but they were half way in the ground and no animations. Anyway you know of to fix this?

  13. Well, on a server for Hl2 mod Zombiemaster, me and some friends installed the models and changed our players to them. Problem was the models were halfway in the ground and had no animations. Anyway to fix this?

  14. err i dont responsible for handling HL2 system, but maybe i can help a bit… maybe u need a something call PMOD for player version

    @JiminyCricket: the ragdoll version include in “Anime Pack” file

  15. Sorry for the double post. The updated haruhi works, no others tho. if i can find out how ill try and add animations to a few for hl2 mods.

  16. cant wait for more Gmod models ^_^ ive already made NPC’s of all your models and they all work great!

  17. Can’t say alot that hasn’t been said yet, but you make some awesome stuff, and i thank you for it.

  18. Naluri is by far the BEST custom character for UT2004 in my opinion and i would absolutely love to be able to play with/as her in UT3 too. Skyy’s solution does indeed solve your graphical issues. And the ease of importing in UT3 is much based on experience i guess. Sadly none of us can provide you with this. I really hope you will continue.

    That being said i want to point out my second-place UT2004 character as Felina Haynesworth the catgirl (wich is actually a re-skin of the Anthro kitty mesh). I would like to see something similar in UT3 but i can’t get ahold of the author. There is allready made a CAT mesh for UT3 but the face is kind of weird and it get’s a little to furry for my taste.

    You see where this is going? As my idea of an additional project I would like you to consider re-skinning the CAT mesh as a less furry catgirl.

    Thats all. I admire your work. Thank you.

  19. You know you don’t need any praise from the likes of me. But I’d rather send you any donations thru mail. I do not do -paypal- I simply refuse to use them. But I have a small request for you to consider on your next venture? The Rabbit Force Miinas from Getsumen Touheiki Miina would prove to be a definite welcomed character pack.

  20. Hey,

    I downloaded your Naluri V3 model for ut2004.
    Its great, but how do I get the custom voices working?

  21. excuse me but if it not too much of a hassle could you make a T-elos model for UT2004 , T-elos was from Xenosaga episode 3 and i also would like a voicepak if possible. thanks

  22. i feel really dumb to be asking this but seriously , all the gmod stuff especially the anime pack , for what version ?.. gm9 or gm10? or both? >,>
    Thanks ^^

    • They’d definitely be for Gm10. I don’t think Gm9 would be able to run any of said models. o.o

      • gawd~ … seems like it’s time to get gm10 after all >,> .. Well–
        Thanks for the quick reply .. well well .. christmas isn’t far so i don’t think it’s going to be a long wait >:D hahahaaa ^^ ,
        Thanks again!

  23. Gmod 10 is pretty cheap, though in order for it to work, you need to get another Steam game for it if you haven’t already (Ex: Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat, etc.).

    Speaking of Christmas, it’d be really neat to see that Karl-Gerat Boy player model + ragdoll I had commissioned released by then. Of course, I always keep in mind that xeno’s usually very busy–last I heard poor xeno was all bogged down with final exams and everything and being in college myself, final exams are not fun, so I know how final exam season feels. XD

      • Loooooooooool. Lazy time after exams is always win. Funnily enough for me by the time final exams are over, it’ll be Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Karl-Gerat Boy: *Puts up random ornaments on the Christmas tree*
        Sherman Girl + Tiger-I Girl: *Help Karl-Gerat Boy do so*
        Rokiahi: o.O Isn’t it too early to be putting the tree up?
        Karl-Gerat Boy + Sherman Girl + Tiger-I Girl: Nope. @u@ @u@ @u@
        Rokiahi: o.o;

  24. @ Slozhny: o.O That was pretty good. Much better than I could ever hope to do. Let’s see what xeno thinks.

    random peeps: *Imagine Naluri breakdancing like that*

    Naluri: *Looks at said random peeps* o.o;

    @ xeno: Oh, guess what? More random pics are up on Banzai. They’re still UT2004 pics as I still haven’t figured out a decent plot for any Gmod ones. (The one I do have in mind kinda requires Karl-Gerat Boy but he’s not around, so I’ve shelved that idea until I figure out a series of Gmod screenies that revolve only around Tiger-I Girl or Chibi GlaDOS. o.O)

    It doesn’t help that my attempts to do Gmod screenies have been delayed thanks to my recently downloading UC2 models for UT2004 either. Syzygy + Corrosion (UT2004 models) vs. Syzygy + Corrosion (UC2 models) — Which Liandri Robot Tag Team will remain the Last One Standing? XD

      • *Likes the idea of Karl-Gerat Boy’s deployment being around Christmas* ๐Ÿ˜€

        Hey, that’s a neat surprise, xeno! XD

        Karl-Gerat Boy: *Currently wearing a Santa Hat and putting up Christmas decorations all over the place* >w<

        Naluri: It's November d00d. o.O

        Karl-Gerat Boy: Never too early to put up all the Christmas stuff. @u@

        *Ultra-cheery, if not somewhat tacky Christmas music plays on the radio non-stop.*

        ^ Funny thing is, I'm REALLY tempted to put up all my Christmas stuff right now–I have a Christmas tree ornament (specifically, a red ball with the '3' Train sign on it–lol, NYCMTA) that sits on my desk whenever the tree's not up, and looking at that makes me want to put up the tree more. XD

  25. could you make Bertha sniper rifle ragdolls for Gmod…?
    and Tiger-I big guns ragdolls for Gmod…?

  26. Have you ever considered finding another hosting website for hosting your files instead of FileFront? Maybe like Mediafire?

      • Not really. It’s just downloading from Mediafire is a lot faster on my 384kbps Streamyx.

    • Tested the downloads from Filefront and all seem to work still…Plus, the download speed is at the range from 125 to 300 kbps, which is a positive sign. Sometimes they do run at the lower speeds (less than 100 kbps) (which could be due to my poor connection).

  27. *Looks*

    V2 SpecAlpha! Yay! The portrait alone says this is gonna be a really good one. OuO

    MP-SpecAlphas: YAY! @u@

      • Lulz. Maybe Miku can perform Rocket Punches. CX

        [Insert stock film of Miku performing a Rocket Punch while Fire Wars (lol, Mazinkaiser theme) plays in the background here]

      • Or a MEGAton punch (see TVTropes for Megaton Punch)

        random otaku: Miku!!

        *Miku megaton-punched an Otaku that fired him into the sky* *twinkle star effect upon being too high*

      • Scratch my previous comment…I do know where am I going with this. *facepalm* ๐Ÿ˜ก

  28. I’ve just reinstalled UT2004 & all the patches. I’ve only one thing to say: Kagamine Rin & Sherman are Liandri’s dream killing machines! Just the two of them can win even against a team of 8. Shocking… (o_0)

    • Not only their weapon wins it, but I looked carefully and there is an AI hack on their species (from Hyde’s models).

  29. Nice job on working on the replacement avis, I’m impressed on your work.. but tell me… Theres other people who wishes other vocaloids in the L4D Game… do you think you may consider making Rin, Len, and luka perhaps? Rin to replace Francis, Len to replace Len, and Luka to replace Bill… Just an suggestion xD it’ll be cool if everyone plays as a certain vocaloid in the game

  30. hello xeno! i love your work
    i wanna ask you if it is possible to change a mod for half life to make it for UT? thanks

    • Er, V4 Rokiahi’s already out in case the news never broke. o.o

      We’re still waiting for a UT2004 Rokiahi release. You onboard? o.o

      • Oh, you said Rohani, not Rokiahi. My bad. XD

        That said, I don’t recall what plans Xeno has for Rohani at this point. I have seen updated CG concept art for SpecAlpha somewhere, so it’s more likely that a SpecAlpha update is next. OuO

  31. Gorgeous work, I love your Miku replacements for the HL2 games and Left 4 Dead. (using them at the moment, too)

    Are you planning to release your Black Rock Shooter model for the other games? That would be even more awesome.

    • That, or a Left 4 Dead 2 release for Miku~? If I could have her instead of Rochelle, that would be heaven. x3

  32. SpecAlpla is next O,o ?
    Whoa, i’m play in UT2004 , I think she’s very very Cheater (That’s real…) Her supernova (I think that storm is not call that….)

    And then…. When’s another charactor is up to V.2 ??? (Not Naluri and rokiahi)

    Anyhow, all works is awesome!!! (And forever!)

    • That character who is a cheater is Vivi. SpecAlpha does not have a cheating weapon.

    • I would assume so just from the only recent CG face portrait concept of V2 SpecAlpha we have. o.o

      Who knows what we’ll get next–V2 SpecAlpha? Hideyoshi in V4 Rokiahi Uniform, maybe even Nyaa Neko or SpecBeta? Only the future holds the answer. o.O

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