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  1. request: voice syncable of GlaDOS Chibi (miku mod). I can send reference data if needed. I donated to you. thanks.

  2. first let me apologise to both you and karasz. also the same features like your miku model can do where it can speak. I can explain more if you’d like to email me ifthat’s ok.

  3. Hi!A friend recommended this site. I would love some models of Age of Mythology, you think you could create?

  4. Hey xeno , my Ut2004 Log is in bad shape…Can I send to you into your email for you to check what’s wrong with it? O_o

  5. can u post a few more tutorials like how to make the skeleton frame and stuff like that ive looked everywhere on the internet and so far your the only person who knows wtf he is doing much appreciated

  6. Dear xenoaisam,

    I am very impressed by the work you have done seeing I am a anime geek you could say and its just mind boggling to know you made all those mods- er well I mean a skins I guess for all those games and I was also surprised that you made some for unreal tournament seeing it is over half a decade old but the first time I saw your models on I thought they came out of a TV show or video game and I never heard of Vocaloid until I found this but I’m not here to tell about mind boggiing awsome you like some sort of hacker guenious I’m actually here to ask you a question..
    the bertha sniper I thought was pretty kick-ass for UT2004 but the thing is I think it would be cool to make a gmod version either a swep or npc swep or both now this is just a suggestion/idea becuase you might be working on a big project of some kind you might not even respond to this but I couldn’t find your email so think about the idea and if you have made a decision or even read this then I would appriate it if you respond and possibly send your email for future use although I was thinking about becoming your friend on steam because I only have 2 anyway I think I said enough so remember think about the idea or atleast read this my email is sorry for my bad spelling good bye

  7. Hi Xenoaisam could you continue your tutorial on the rest of the body like Eyes colours, clothing and etc? Sorry I am a beginner on modeling and I had done modeling the head and hair for a day and will like to carry on 😀 Thanks if you could!~

  8. Dear Xenoaisam,

    Hello Its me again that guy who asked you about that kick ass sniper rifle for gmod and well you haven’t responded I figured you were busy or maybe you just check the comments on your webpage more than you check your email now I don’t mean to be a bother but I was just looking up counter strike source mods I assume you do own CS;S right? and I was looking up skins for the player models and I just started imagining those characters Paskal and Spectre I think running around I dunno any CS map total pwning the terrorist and I think you said PASKAL is an anti-terrorist organization anyway also I have two questions before I go 1: I was wondering what kind of job do you have because I would guess its in graphic design because I am currently looking into computer jobs at school and 2: Would you like to be my friend on steam I hope you heard that Steam got “sniped by a hacker” as my friend put and if you want to look up fedoraguy on steam and if you like to email me back once again here is my email:

    oh If you can’t speak english very well or can’t read this then try using a translator unless you are already using one

    • sorry for not replying.. because i heard soo many suggestion to port it somewhere. Well i could consider it but sometime not. I’m taking architecture course and well i’m quite busy right now. I just hoping someone else do port it make it variety.
      you want to find my steam name, search my name at google

  9. so you say your an arcitechual student at what college? though I really sucks I can’t get obsidian conflict cuz I don’t gotta PC well I do at my house but its not MY PC its our family computer but it wouldn’t work cause our computer was WAS top of the line 10 YEARS AGO! so…yeah and I can’t buy anymore stuff on steam and I wanted to get left 4 dead for the content for gmod but people say it doesn’t work on mac books and it was sale (sigh)

  10. I had this one idea for a character but I can’t draw shit anime which sucks and it would be kinda hard to interpept it by describing it cuz I’m a visual guy although most of my character ideas are based off of real characters for example: one of my characters resmbles a frank west like character but with long-ish blonde hair and a trumpet

  11. I am thinking about making a gmod machinima with your paskal characters the theme is zombies and at the moment I am doing it solo but I haven’t even started yet but I would appriciate it if I could use some help with actors and voices especially female actors now I can do the female voices MAYBE if I modify my voice via garage band and I would some one with a better computer to film but we’ll see so If you or any of your friends would like to help Great! but if not thats okay I can probably work something out and if you or your friends want to help I will contact them when I ready to start though I might start filming tonight and I will need the contact info (ie email ect) to tell them when I’m ready and also you will need Gmod, CSS, Half life 2, and MAYBE HL 2 EP1 I dunno probably not so thats all!

  12. hi xeno, i wuz wondrin if you are making a v_hands model of miku hands for gmod/hl2 (i only hav gmod) just thought id give a motive to make it. id love to hold my rocket-nuke launcher

    ok, bye

  13. Will you ever export some “new version” models (Miku and Black Rock Shooter especialy) for ut2k4?
    I really like your work!
    I`ve managed to take a look at Miku v2.5 in 3ds and i`m amazed, although 2 texture files are missing as 3ds calls…or i`m just a big noob in 3D…
    I actualy create locomotives for a simulator and other stuff…so its a bit different for me.
    Another question, can Miku v2.5 be exported even for ut2k4 at this state?
    I`m asking cause i want to know if i can struggle making her work for ut or not ^^ wich i don`t know for the moment (reading ut modelling tutorials).

    Best regards!
    Romania/Europe salutes you!

    • well i dont play ut2004 much lately… so thats why i wont port it. 🙂
      You can download Miku for 3dsmax and change the bone. The bone you can get it at unreal developer wiki site. Google would do jobs.

  14. hello it is I guess what I got gmod and half life 2 and all that back I contacted one of your friends on deviant art about anime-izing a character I found on the web I think his name is johnny d wicked but he says I have to pay him and cant just send him money because my plan was once I had him anime-ize the person I’d send it to you so you could model it for gmod but meh that okay I supose so I hear you made some models for left for dead 2 sadly I dont have it…..yet but maybe I might not get it at all and also maybe you could take a look at my deviant art page see what ya think here is the link: I don’t know how to add pics or videos to this thing yet but I am now going to start making that gmod zombie machinima I was telling about I would appriciate some help but if you can’t help thats okay

    Sincerely: William Curtis
    a.k.a Fedoraguy “Head of the fedora mafia spreading obsolete fashion of bowling shirts and chuck taylor shoes across and beyond the borders of city 17”
    or Formerly That British Guy “whether mic spamming tf2 sniper references or pwning Civil Protection with a crowbar he will always be that british guy”

  15. you could make a skin on the pro L4D2 Suigintou Rozen Maiden anime? I looked at several more sites not thought anything of the kind
    my English is not very good

  16. nice weapons but why did you make the files .vpk instead of .exe is it because I asked you to make those models in .vpk or was it easier?

    (I forgot to check off email response that why I write again)

  17. Dear Xenoaisam, Its me fedoraguy me and my friend are do a gmod machinima and he was gonna do the voice of naluri (now his a guy like me but he has a program to modify his voice as do I) and he wanted to know what Naluri well sounds like so he can get an idea of how to record the audio now if you can’t answer that question I’ll it along and if you do not receive this I’ll ask ya on steam so if don’t have an answer thats okay I’ll find some way cya!

    Fedoraguy 1

  18. Do you think you’ll ever release the new SpecAlpha for UT2004 ?

    I’d LOVE to play with her on UT2004 with a sort of moveset making her look like she just floats/fly about….

    Also I’m also trying to get a team together to work on a side scroller 2D Mecha musume game using game maker…

  19. Hi!
    I saw your BRS model, and I think it looks great!
    I’m here to ask you a question. There is this tool called XNALara, which is basically a posing program (it’s somewhat like GMod, but without animations and such) from where you export the model to rendering tools such as Blender, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and such.
    Can I get your premission to port the BRS model to XNALara?
    Thanks! ^_^

  20. Did you ever tried playing ONI ?
    as in the one made by Bungie ages ago in their attempt to mix TPS and Fighting games genres ?

    I’m pretty dam sure you’d like it….

  21. seeing you made a new version of spec alpha maybe you make a v2 of some of the other PASKAL or SPECTRE you made for UT2004 for gmod Obsidian Conflict or L4D2 whatever suits you and maybe bring back the mecha musume sherman armored I suppose what would really be nice is to make a v2 of Riroki for gmod so I can put it in my machinima (Once I get gmod and all my games that steam revoked…… which I’ll have my friend buy back someday….) and I’ve already said this before but what would also be nice to make more male characters for PASKAL because it is hard to do those female voice actors if your just one guy (I talking about myself) that is all really sorry if I am rambling or writing much it kinda runs in the family (only I ramble about Gmod and my dad rambles about guns and motorcycles) Fedoraguy out!

  22. I was playing on Counter Strike Condition Zero the other day (because all of my other games except tf2 were revoked) and I went onto a zombie server and well when I got there I found a bit of surprise… I could have sworn that the Miku models in that server were yours but I thought how the hell did they port it? I not sure how to add a picture to this but I’ll try I took some screen shots perhaps you can give me an email because I forgot it and I can attach it of the server also they had the left 4 dead 1 smoker and Half Life 2 Zombie without the headcrab anyway Fedoraguy out!

  23. hey listen I’m done with steam so I dunno when I’ll be back it could be years seeing that you can’t close your steam account plus the reason why is that my parents caught me playing tf2 at 2 AM so yeah and they found I had steam too look basically there is no word to describe how much sh** I’m in right now so…. yeah but this summer I might get my parents trust back because I have lost all trust so they don’t trust me basically, so it could be 10 it could be 20 years until I finally get back on steam because I was using my school computer which is totally unacceptable anyway there is a couple more things I like to say: firstly when I get UT2004 back (either on steam or some other way) how do I install mecha musume mod?, second I thinking of using your old UT2004 models for a little parody I’m gonna make of tf2 called gmod fortress (I have to get that back too) and the panzer armored I would like to use as an “alternate class” for the heavy and the sherman armored for the soldier now I would love it if you could find a way to port it to gmod as either a player model or a ragdoll what ever you choose but if not maybe when you have a free moment start making a completeley new one but if not thats okay, same goes for naluri’s sniper rifle but I’m not forcing you to do this and if you can’t do that I use the clases that are able to be used in gmod because I can’t find a green screen map for UT2004, well I think that wraps it up! please don’t respond my parents didn’t seem happy about your webpage for some reason but who knows maybe in 10 years we will meet again so I guess all I can say is See ya’ in 10 years or so comrade! And good luck!


    • sorry to hear that.. but one for sure, you really need learn to put paragraph on some sentence… i’m having hard time to read wall of text because i’m not english native speaker!
      but i can get a bit about ut2004? well i cant do it sorry

  24. Hello! i used your tutorial to make my first 3d model, and i would like to texture it, however i am stuck on this! how do you unwrap the uvw map? and what program do you use to texture? I would love to show you my model, and maybe you could give me tips? Could it be possible for me to get your email?

  25. Really late reply, so you have probaby figured out by now xD
    To get the cell shaded effect, use a material called “ink n point”
    just google search “ink n point 3dsmax” and youre sure to get lots of tutorials and techniques. 🙂

  26. oh….I see okay yeah I make the paragraphs better this time yeah also I had to use some one else’s email because if they saw you were on there they would know I was talking to you (my parents)

    but uh…..yeah you know my parents don’t like it when I talk to people from other countries because my dad works for the shipyard which in a way is connected with the government so yeah I gotta be careful who I talk to so yeah I wish I didn’t have to input an email it looks like I’ll have to…..

    you see like I said there is no word to describe how much trouble I’m in I lied, I stole, I was sneaky and I was up half the night gaming so yeah.

    Thing was I was SOOO close to getting a new high end PC so I could mod my halo game now thats gonna be a while and we were pretty close to buying a Wii too because I have never had a game console in my house but thats gone for now too I need to find a way to make some cash to pay off the uh… debt its hard to explain unless you really wanna know so….. yeah and only reply through comments page if you can no email

    so uh thats all I suppose see you later

    Fedoraguy out!

  27. Hey I have a quick question, do you remember mecha musme mod? for Unreal Tournament 2004? how do you install it? because I don’t know when Banzia mod will be back up and running….. So yeah. Thats all I guess, oh once again if you do respond only respond through comments page no email. I’m kind of taking a risk using my non-school email address but if it does show up on it I make sure to delete it. also I like your knew Glados model you made, anyway see you later!

    Fedoraguy out!

  28. Hey, i just want to ask, if i am allowed to port your models to my Day of Defeat Source GunGame Server. And, if i am allowed, how you like to be credited. Don’t know, Thankswritting in the Motd and/or an advert message like “Thanks to XenoAisam for the amazing Models http://url…” – I don’t plan to to make them available for Download anywhere, but if you would prefer this, i could make this to. Hope to get a positiv response.

    Greetings from Germany – Chaot

  29. I was Wondering if or when will you be able to make more models for Garrys mod. I have seen your Lucy model and would Like to use it as a player model. It says i’m able to but it will not allow me to. I have noticed the player folder is not in the download as well. So If you can will you make the Lucy model a player model? 😀

  30. SO…you definitively gave up on UT2004 ?
    makes me a sad panda ;(

    Anywho, could you edit a dead mod’s models to make skins for ut2004 ?

  31. Yeah but you’re not the uploader… Alatnet is. So I can’t be sure that he uploaded the latest versions, etc. Anyway I don’t care installing your work manually ^^ I was just wondering if your stuff will work in Gmod 13 or not (cuz the Anime Dance Map doesn’t work well so I though it wasn’t compatible)

  32. I Did upload the models to the Regular workshop. I will take them down if you need me to. My username is That1guyyousee

  33. i have a question
    would you be willing to help me make a custom gmod model. i dont know if you have ever heard of it but i want a all purpose cultural catgirl nuku nuku npc and ragdoll for gmod if its possible would you be willing to make one for me and post it to workshop? thanks

  34. Mind if I upload “Kagamine Rin Meltdown” & “Hatsune Miku” to l4dmaps? You’ll be receiving full credit, as excepted.

  35. Xeno, I have a request for a model I’d like to see in Garry’s Mod, do I just put a donation out to you or what? If so, how much would you want?

  36. You do requests at all? I’m sorry I had absolute hell figuring how to navigate this page so I thought I’d leave something here. Anyway I’ve been hoping for someone to make a set of L4D/L4D2 survivors for the L4D2 game. Models of Karen Erra, Ethan Waber, Fulyen Curtz, and Leogini Santosa Berafort. I would love to have them as a set also if the idea fits bullet particles that look like the handgun photon bullets, maybe even an Agito Repca Light Elemental for the Katana.

    Sorry if I have been bothersome by in-correct placement please let me know if there is somewhere this needs to be.

  37. making this as short as i can, I’m working as a 3d modeler, i’m a big fan of your work, and i was wondering if i could use any of your models in a school project? i dont know what 3d software you use but i’d like to get a raw 3ds or maya file for it. full credit on the model would of course go to you and i’ll post a picture of it up here when i’m done, and i’d be willing to donate or pay you as well, your 3d models are absolutely fantastic!

  38. I couldn’t find you anywhere so I’m leaving a message here.
    Some friends are working on a custom GLaDOS skin using Miku (the one from Project Diva) as base, and they want to add personality cores to her head, they were thinking about using the little personality core models from your GLaDOS, but of course they won’t do something like that without your approval.
    Would you mind if my friends make use of your cores for their new model?
    Naturally you’ll get credit for your help once the model is published. We can also pay for the authorization to use the models if necessary.

  39. Greetings from malaysian at egypt ,
    Salam bro , saya baru terjumpa blog anda , dan blog anda ini berjaya menimbulkan keinginan saya untuk bermain half life 2 semula. Malangnya saya berada di mesir sekarang dan di tempat saya ini agak susah untuk mendapatkan game original untuk menggunakan mod game anda , tak termasuk lagi masa untuk mencarinya. jadi saya terfikir , bila saya balik ke malaysia lepas final tahun ini kira2 hujung bulan 6 , mungkin kita boleh berjumpa untuk urusan donation sedikit kerana saya juga perlukan pertolongan saudara . saya sangat minat dengan hasil karya mod saudara dan kita boleh berbincang selanjutnya selepas saudara setuju dan balas

    • boleh tiada masalah~
      game half-life 2 original boleh didapati dimana2, asalkan ada internet.
      Pergi download STEAM dan beli half-life 2 di situ

  40. Hi! You make wonderful anime models to use in GMod! 🙂 I have a little request – maybe it is stupid, but can you try to make for example some of OS-tans? (personifications of various Operating Systems) It would be very nice 🙂 Greetings from Poland!

  41. Hello,

    It is I, Fedoraguy, you know your friend from Steam, well, you may not remember me, but either way, I don’t care, it has been about a year since I’ve commented on your page, and let me tell you AWESOME VOCALOID L4D2 MOD! I knew that someday someone would do that, and bam! it happened, I don’t know when get my steam account back, probably when I’m in college with my own money and own time, I may forget about you completely. At one point, I started to think you didn’t like me, probably because I was annoying, I get that a lot really, mostly because of my ADHD.

    I’m still kind of grounded for that whole illegal thing I did, but hopefully, it will finally be over by the beginning of senior year, yes I will be a senior in high school, the reason why is the school will be giving us chromebooks, and as long as I don’t get too curious, a chromebook is practically incapable of doing anything steam or half life related…However there is pornography, because by that point I will be 18, but that doesn’t mean I can look up pornography on my school computer.

    Anyway your work continues to impress! Keep it up!

  42. Hello, Xenoaisam.

    I am wanting to ask you if you are interested in having your models in my Half-Life 2 Mod. If you want to hear more on the mod, add me on Steam. My username is [₱Ṟᴍ]₱λrᶄᵯann202. Just copy and paste it in.

  43. No, I didn’t to say you said that directly…..Well, I just…kind of got the impression, because well…I dunno, maybe I only thought that probably because of my ADHD so some things I see differently and plus its not like I can actually hear the tone of your voice when we used to talk together because it was on Steam, plus, probably because you didn’t want to play on Gmod or whatever with me, now I understand now, that you might have been busy then but, I was a different person then. So I’m sorry, if I said it the wrong way. Oh by the way, am I still on your friends list on Steam? if not thats perfectly fine. I’ll be getting out of school in a few weeks and when I come back to school I be a Senior. So….yeah…..oh yeah, is there a way you can post a picture on this? Because I want to send you a picture, but I’d rather email it to you instead. Anyway this Fedoraguy signing off! GOOD NIGHT! (Well actually Good Morning…its like 7:30 AM right now, so technically I’m in school but its before class so its okay..)

  44. I saw your models on gmod it looks awsome i would help you but i dont now much about anime i might be able to be a voice actor if in a possible way sadly i dont have a great mic but im getting a better one soon message me if you need like a voice actor or something.

      • Forgot to tell you but i might be able to make music im quite interested in making music but i dont know what equipment i would need but if i had equipment i might be able to make good music… 😀

      • Also all i have is a drumset and a keyboard…..i could use those for music i guess

  45. Can you port all, if not some of your great models to UT 2004? Thank you very much, even one or two is already good..

  46. o need help with Moe GLados v1 i used the installer at steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod but still did not work as a playermodel

    • If it doesn’t show up, older XenoAisam player models still work, but the LUA script that calls them was meant for the old GMod. One would have to remove those “if (SERVER” lines to have them show up on the player menu.

  47. Hello! I’m seeking permission to adapt Kagamine Rin Meltdown, Hatsune Miku Append, Kaito Ninja and Megurine Luka Cyber Nation into each of the playable survivors in L4D2, and then upload the files to the Steam Workshop. Of course, providing proper credit to you when done.

  48. Hello! I am looking for permission to remix a few of the skins that you have for L4D2 with the goal of making each of them for every survivor. More specific, Hatsune Miku Append, Kagamine Rin Meltdown, Kaito Ninja and Megurine Luka Cyber Nation.

      • Yes, and those are what caught my original curiosity. As I personally would much rather Hatsune be Rochelle instead of Nick, I was hoping you’d be fine with me converting each character into each survivor. So basically:

        Hatsune Miku could be Nick, Rochelle, Coach, or Ellis. And the same for the other three earlier mentioned Vocaloids.

        So in theory, you could have all the Survivors be Hatsune Miku. I’ve already (almost) successfully converted Rochelle into Hatsune. As your license allows remix as long as it is not published without consent. And that is what I’m looking for right now.

  49. Hello, XenoAisam!

    Feel free to say no, but I wanted to ask: Do you think you could convert your Meltdown Rin model to .OBJ for me, please? I need it because when I attempt to convert it from .MDL to .SMD or .OBJ, her vertexes are uncategorized. Meaning: unlike your Miku .MAX file, it will not be separated into “RinBody” or “RinBoot”. Instead, it’s just one vertex with no name, and with all of those bitmaps, It’s unable to be textured or animated correctly. And as you know, .OBJ contains no bone data, but it CAN contain separated vertex sets.

    Again, feel free to say no. I know you have worries over people doing bad things to your creations. I’ve been there. 🙂


    P.S. You may remember me as the person that needed help converting the Miku model to .PMD. That has actually been done by me and a friend on DeviantArt recently.

  50. Hello makers of XenoAisam

    I’m a big fan of you, but I have two questions. Are there weapon models for the NPCs and how can I let them fight each other in Gmod (Garry’s Mod) ? I’m using it there and I don’t know how I can let them fight against each other.

  51. Hi XenoAisam!
    i just wanna ask you a few question. i love your work, i kinda love what your modeling the 3ds stuff and all, since you greet me in my youtube channel a few years ago, then a few month later i go for animation study and go for diploma until now and only a few day to finish my diploma… ^^
    so my question is, do architecture, then how you get involve with this character modeling and your modelling is perfectly good? i study 3ds max for 2 years, but still not too good with this modelling thing T.T you working? what work you do? you do this character 3d just as hobby right?
    3.if you work, do you have a lazy time in making 3d character things? i always got a lazy time and do nothing, sometime i just sleep. i don’t know how to motivate myself… =.=”
    4.what setting you use in 3ds max and rendering, is it mental ray, v-ray, default setting or other plugins? i just re-view it 1 more time your old video about making face in 3 hour(timelapse), and i love your shadow effects and render setting you always use.

    sorry im asking many question to you, i hope i can be good modeller like you
    p/s:sorry for my bad english, i know you can understand malay but, i need to improve my english.. ^^

    • Hi Bebudak gile eh?
      1) Yes i did take Architecture as my studies before but i love modeling the character more. Mastering 3D model is sometime take a time, but its depends on the people. As long you know what you’re targeting for, you can achieve it within the time.
      2) Yes i’m working, but in building industries. I do 3D model for hobbies~
      3) Its normal for us to become lazy. That sign of “Lost Motivation”. Its sometime taking a week or more, even 2 to 3 months. I also have it too but ofc you need to find something that give your motivation spirit back! Maybe doing something else once for a while? 🙂
      4) I love to use only default setting, because i didn’t put beautiful rendering on priority . I’m only do modeling mostly to port for games.. So no rendering needed. Try Radiosity/LightTracer/Mentalray. Its all built-in and sometime produce beautiful result if you know how to tune it well.

      • Thank you for answering, i really appreciate it…^^
        i am really into in animate, but still i do need to learn more about to modeling, lighting n rendering, and i will do my best till then…
        so for past few month, i’ve done 1 animation video trailer project for my study, and it is done. the modelling, lighting n rendering is not so good, but if you want to watch it, let me know it, i’ll upload it… ^^

  52. Hi, your Obsidian Conflict game server will not download maps-not even the lobby map. Please fix this problem as we like to play on your server for Obsidian Conflict steam mod.
    Thanks -intrigue

  53. Hello xenoaisam. Your work is great. I really like your miku model.
    On a side note I would like to use your work ( the noel model) in a game call Total war Shogun 2. Please answer or email me when you have time.
    Thank you

  54. Hey Xenoaisam, Love your work! I was wondering how your banzai project is coming, I would be happy to put down a donation if it would help.

  55. on the dance dance anime, only teto will appear when i try to press the other models, and i cant press any of the other controls and/or the controls wont work. can you tell me what is wrong? for example i try to click position 2 and it just stays on 1.

    • if youre using garrysmod, thats the main issues.. most people said need to noclip go near as possible to push the button.. maybe you can try the map in half-life 2

  56. Is it possible I could hire you to make or recolor one of your models?Were trying to find someone to make the server owners model special, that looks like her anime self.

  57. Hey Xenoaisam, i was admiring your models uploaded to the Garrysmod workshop and was hoping i could contact you to make a personal model for me.

    Would be willing to pay, this would be quite hard as the specific character i need a model made of would be from a game only released in Japan.

    It’s Celestia from Final fantasy Type 0 and the most detailed way to examine the character would be through the game itself..

    Anyway i couldnt find your email to contact you privately so i was hoping to contact you here.

    If you’re interested in helping me please contact my email

  58. Not to be irritating, but could you consider if making the vocaloid IA would be possible for GMod? I’ve always wanted to see that happen, and I thought I’d ask the best person I could think of at doing these kinds of things. If you don’t feel like it, no harm done, but thank you for taking the time to look over my idea.

  59. Hi there. Im trying to use this model not into garrys mod but on Tf2 and well id like to know if you can help me since i cannot make the animations to work what i suspect its that this mdoel doesnt have the tf2 animations if so and if you like can you halpe on how to import tf2 animations into this model? i can make it work and i can see it ok even the gigglebones but the model just travels using the ragdoll/idle animation

  60. Would you take commissions for turning ragdolls into player models? I have a few ragdolls on the Steam workshop I’d like playermodel, but as of right now just one, and maybe later a second one.

  61. Dear XenoAisam, I ask for you or someone who is already an expert in creating these types of models for the source engine, please create ragdolls for Garry’s Mod (with faceposer) of characters of Nisekoi (is a manga that I really like :3). I do make stop-motion videos using the Garry’s Mod and got the idea to make a video with these characters, I think it would be a cool idea for a video, then I ask the cooperation and the goodwill of someone who can help. I’ll let the names of the character what I want, to help in the production:

    Raku Ichijou

    Chitoge Kirisaki

    Marika Tachibana

    Kosaki Onodera

    Seishirou Tsugumi

    Thank you and to the next,Sorry for my bad english…

  62. do you think you could make a Tei Sukone, and Ruko Yokune models/ragdolls for Gmod, it would be really great if you could, i can imagine at least a few people would like that.

  63. I’ve just seen recently, how astonishing models can you make into garrysmod. I wonder could you just makeing some blaze blue models? Just asking, because look like you are concerned with Japanesse, anime,manga , video game stuff.

  64. Do you still take requests? I’d love to see a blue delmo of Agent Aika put into Gmod.

  65. Xeno if you want any groundbreaking gun/vehicle models you could contact me I realy just want someone to use my models I am good but eavryone rejects me even though i can make exelant models of guns and vehicles but not people my dream is to make a decent anime shooter But the only thing stopping me is that i can’t do the charicters and coding if you want me to give you a gun model just specifi a modeling program and email me at I can also write scripts but if you wanted one of my best i could not tell you. I am particularly good at sci fi
    game development

  66. hay i like you Garry’s mod NPC’s and i was wondering if you could make a Holo/Horo NPC from Spice and Wolf i would be willing to pay for it when you upload it thank you for reading this and if any one els reads this my email is if you can help with this and if you need my steam name just Email me

  67. Xeno could you plz add me on steam I am a good gun /vehicle modeler and I can do some guns 4 you can you please reply

  68. you know, i was thinking on making 2 gmod anime models, a guy and a girl, with changeable hair, eyes, and clothes, being able to change the skin and the hair color… do you think you could help me? i honestly dont know what program to use or how to make the models.
    Reply to my e-mail please

  69. ok.. well i hope you read this message ..
    Miku is all for me and i had the fortune of meet your page and found in here a lot of REALLY AWESOME models. Models that they maked great moments and memories in Garry’s Mod on me. I don’t want to make you bored reading this!, so summarizing;
    I need to know if you can, ONLY IF YOU CAN, do us the favor of making a npc of a Bikini Hatsune Miku for Garry’s Mod (in honour of Gm_tropics and other beach maps that we can use a bikini Miku) and another game that you like too.
    I have downloaded all your npc and models and i use garry’s mod 13 and my steam name is “hatsunemikuxyoni”.

    Congratulations for you man! you have a great talent and you did a Excellent Work!

    Keep it Up !!

  70. I am trying to make an anime darkrp server. I am having trouble setting up XenoAisam player models as jobs. Everytime I select a .mdl file for use in the jobs lua file, the arms seem to stick out while they walk. Any ideas or fixes?

      • I am using a few models. Here is the list: Spec Alpha, Hibiki Tachibana, Rohani, Noel Vermillion, Lucy, and Capt. Benci. All of them pointed me to your website with the workshop descriptions. So I assumed you could help. Also, not only do the hands stick out but there is no motion when they walk. They kind of just glide along the surface…
        Is there any way I could send screenshots?

  71. Do you do custom models for CS:GO? Saw your work and am quite impressed. Willing to pay the commission for the work if you’re interested.

  72. Hello, Xenoaisam. Sorry to disturb you but I would like to ask you for the song you use one of the video which is been deleted related to making Hatsune Miku Mod for Left 4 Dead. The name of the video is :
    “Messing with Hatsune Miku in 3ds max and L4D”.

    I’m one of your subscribers since 5 years ago and I just found out that video is gone missing or possibly been deleted from Youtube somehow. All I want to know is the name of the song you used for it.

    Thank you for your cooperation, see you on Youtube. ^_^

  73. Hi xenoaisam.Apologize for my english 1st.I’m useing your miku model 2.5 in HL2 these days.they are works fine for HL2 and EP1.But i got a problem in EP2 after alyx been attacted.Her memory stick go to her nose. Any suggestions to fix this problem?

  74. Apologize for my english 1st.I’m using your Miku 2.5 MOD for my HL2 games .It’s works just fine in HL2 and EP1.But i got a problem in EP2. After Alys(miku modle) been attacked.Her memory stick somewhat moved on her nose.Tryed reinstall Model but no lucky.Any suggestion how to fix this problem?Thanks.

  75. Hey Xenoaisam 🙂 I’d like you to make a model for me for l4d2 based of a minecraft character of mine; i want it to look 3d style not the blocky minecraft way. It would be nice if you could also send a 3dsMax rig for me :3 Let me know the prices and i’ll be willing to pay.

  76. Should we get permission if we want to port one of your models to another game, such as counter strike source? I was thinking of using your hibiki model

  77. Hello! Thanks for the head look script. I have a question though. When you are behind the character with head look, the head will only move left or right when you cross head’s forward axis. Is there a way to get it to go by the whole object’s forward instead? Thanks

  78. Hi there,

    I have purchased the game a couple of times, once for me and once as a gift for my friend and broadly enjoyed myself, there doesn’t seem to be many on rails shooters for pc so I’m glad to have another to play through.

    If there’s anyway I can help with your games, translations or sourcing voice actors in the future please let me know. I’d be more than happy to help, or find other people who can.

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