Installed egpu

Everyone knows laptop is poorly optimized for 3d application especially for 3d gaming. Much worse if its a cheap laptop.
For starting, I only bought a cheap laptop from Lenovo. Seems the development of first Banzai Escape game, graphically is not too hardware demanding, the lappy already suits my needs.


The hardware specs:
Intel i5
Intel HD5500 igpu
AMD R5 m320

Yeah. Banzai Escape development finished smoothly. When i’m planning for the game sequel, i’m also thinking to improve the game graphics. That’s where my lappy start to perform slowly.



See the performance? Above top pic using Intel graphic, 16fps and second image is using AMD, 20fps average. Although i play it on small screen. The game almost not playable.

Then after several browsing on internet, searching for how to improve graphic performance. I saw the external graphic processing unit (egpu) is the only option. So i bought one.


The EGPU Dock name is : V8.0 EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock

The item is so simple. You just need graphic card and desktop power supply to make it work. Lucky i have my old stock of Nvidia GTX 550 ti & PSU to use it for this matter.



So install it normally and give it a try.



The device is working perfectly but the only issue, its not using internal laptop screen. You need spend extra for monitor. Internal lappy screen is still using Intel.

Another issues arise! Whenever i’m using 3d application, the apps is using Intel GPU instead my external EGPU. So i keep trying configure it as much as i can. Then i found out by disabling the Intel driver do make my EGPU run the 3d apps.


At least i got performance improvement by +10fps.
Still, i need the extra monitor that’s make it “non-mobility”. Browsing the forum almost all said new Nvidia Optimus can support Intel switching to NVIDIA graphic so no need extra monitor. Why mine is still not working?

Then i heard my EGPU producing weird noise when running my Banzai Escape EP2. It’s “coil whine” noise. That’s mean my old NVIDIA GTX 550 ti is going to be dead soon.

So i decided to go buy new GPU and i bought new NVIDIA GTX 750 ti.


After i installed it, no more noise produced. Also my banzai escape game also increase performance by adding more 15+ fps average


At least average above 30+fps is playable.

I noticed one great improvement i got is; no need extra monitor. Looks like the NVIDIA Optimus is working only on new graphic card!

I’m so happy even i make a simple case for my egpu;


Haha. I Need to paint or put sticker later on.

Well final words, although i success on making it functional and meets my expectation, its spent me almost RM1000+ (about 241usd) to buy new gpu & monitor. If the Optimus is working at first place and my old GTX550 is still fine, i probably spent RM200 (about 49usd) only for EGPU Dock station.

Well I’m happy either way 🙂


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