Banzai Escape Ep2 Progression

Hello guys!

How long i didn’t post anything here. Sorry for the hiatus. So far Banzai Escape Episode 2 have gone on long progress. What i can show you here the series of development video.

First, we see the first video on my last posted that showing the simple game mechanics. Changing from rail kind of shooter to thirdperson free movement shooter. This is based from people feedback toward Banzai Escape 1 game. People want to get free movement and ofcourse, can change weapon 🙂

Second is the new one that i’m showing here. It’s about the development on mostly AI, NPCs. We have partners! Can choose between Rokiahi or Benci. I also have developed standard enemy NPC that can shoot you and got some cleverness on grenade avoidance. Apart from NPCs, I also make weapons pickups. Player can pickup weapons or swap any but the maximum weapon player can hold is only two.

Lastly on third, this video showing the development of Level! First level take place on some cargo deportation areas. Their helicopter crashed into the area (after the first Banzai Escape events, Rokiahi got rescued by Cpt. Benci but their helicopter is shot down). On this video, i play some walkthrough along the level to shows what the status of the game development level. So far its proceeding  well 🙂

Well final note:

Making a video game is taking time! Although i can sustain myself for past few months, i still hesitate to asking this:

Please donate some funds!

I saw lots of developer had gone, left their own hobby and kind because the real-world issues. I still maintaining this kind of works since 2006. Quite sometime! I don’t want to leaving you guys. This is my world, i like this jobs.

You guys support, fans me from behind is what keeping me move a longer way!

Thank you 🙂


  1. It is expected.
    When the recoil of the gun seemed a little more, I want more.
    Does this also release the steam in the future?
    Do you think the price is somewhat?
    They are good character.

  2. I’ve just finish the game in Banzai Escape 1.
    even though that game have been years, but hey i still love it.
    it’s intense when it comes to almost the end..
    I can’t wait to know the stories in Episode 2, And. Take your time for the Episode 2..

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