Vocaloids 4 Dead 2 Ready!


Vocaloids 4 Dead 2 is ready!

It’s replacing all survivors model specially for l4d2 cast (Rochelle, Nick, Ellis and Coach). So where is Vocaloids 4 Dead 1? well its not ready yet and it will replacing main l4d1 cast (Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill) sooner or later. Of-course its for Left 4 Dead 2 game! No one ever play l4d1 game anymore and most all the character from l4d1 and the game also brought to l4d2. So Grab the Vocaloids 4 Dead 2 now!

Main Cast:

append glados kaito luka miku rin

Just like in poster above i’ve made Miku, Miku append, Kagamine Rin, Luka, Kaito and Moe GLaDOS as the main character. The story tells where GLaDOS still behind the ruckus of spreading the Otaku Virus toward the world and these vocaloids need to find a way to save them-self. Fighting through the horde of otaku’s, avoiding the pedobear and cancelling the concert just to find the truth on what the meaning behind this madness.


What these character replacing;

Miku Append = Nick
Hatsune Miku = Nick
Moe GLaDOS = Nick
Kagamine Rin = Rochelle
Kaito = Ellis
Luka = Coach

Some of character is overlapping others. So in this purpose, i make the download separate for each character. Player may find it convenience where they can choose which character to turn it on or off in add-ons system. Also for this matter i’m also prepared the custom name packs if you try to use all the characters.

namewithglados   namewithmiku

+L4V Naming + GLaDOS is for the player who are using Glados,  Kagamine Rin, Luka and Kaito.

+L4V Naming +Miku is for the player who are using Hatsune Miku or Miku append,  Kagamine Rin, Luka and Kaito.

Player can make their own custom name if they know how to do it.

If player encounter clash during add-ons selection, please choose wisely on which one to turn ON/OFF


The download at my download center site:


In case any of you want the Vocaloids 4 Dead 2 Logo:




2013-02-15_00001 2013-02-15_00002 2013-02-16_00001 2013-02-16_00002 2013-02-16_00003 2013-02-16_00004 2013-02-16_00005 2013-02-16_00006 2013-02-16_00007 2013-02-16_00008 2013-02-16_00009 2013-02-17_00001 2013-02-17_00003 2013-02-18_00001


  1. so Do you finally rerig the new skeleton not just include animation?

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