Update April

Latest news!

I make something funny for one of Half-Life 2 Mod which is “Water”


It’s replace the main character of ‘Water’ her name with Miku. Why Miku, because ‘Water” also did singing inside the game… just a small sing.

You can download the BETA model here:

No faceposer yet

“Water” mod for half-life 2 can be download from here:


Please make backup of the original model



I’m also posted a contest in deviant art! If anyone have DA account and interested to join, please go here:




I have updated the tutorial in tutorial page which is include

  • Compile static model to HL2
  • Compile Character model to HL2

Both tutorial is in PDF format

You can start viewing at sidebar or go here:


Thats all! Have a nice day


  1. Heheh, I like the idea of Miku as a mermaid. I can’t wait to see the model when its complete. Nice work.

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