PASKAL girl update

Its such a long after the last update on Naluri… but now i come up with 2 models update which is new Rokiahi and Naluri model for Garrysmod. Click at picture for bigger image;

Now updated version use from Miku new face and a bit change to it so it could fit a new body.

Seem Rokiahi couldn’t make into ut2004 because certain issues, but now she appear in source engine with 2 type of model:

Click for bigger image

Rokiahi in original version, the one in the left and the gasmask version on the right. This just to shows the different type of model suitable for certain use in different type of situation. For information, Rokiahi is from PASKAL urban division unit, specialize at urban/city type environment.

The other one is re-update of Naluri model;

Click for bigger image

Naluri is from PASKAL desert division unit, specialize at desert type environment. She is the most popular PASKAL character here and always got love from me :P. The left one is normal outfit which is the original version of her and the right one with the goggle equipment, good for protection against sand storm.

Technical information

Both 2 model is ready for release! So far all the bone rig, facepose and player model is finished. Both 2 girls are only for Garrysmod use! so it have ragdoll, npc and player model available to use. Download for it will be release later after certain more check-up!

So just wait for next updated!


  1. Vokkkkk~ O,o

    You said “A bit change” It’s real???
    I saw something different on her face(Both of 2)
    Smaller eye and…. Hmm…..

    Yeah, i would say….


    (So long for now…I think)

  2. YAY! We finally have updates for the PASKAL Gals! DCI would be thrilled to see V4 Rokiahi. @u@

    • Oh, and I have an idea for something that’s rather lulz. Check your Inbox back at Banzai.

      Yay, V4 Rokiahi and Naluri are coming soon… @u@

    • O.O Really neat!

      Yes I am thrilled! XD

      *record scratch*

      Wait! What happened with UT2004 one? Did the model (when imported) become messed up? Animation issues? Or your computer issue?

  3. Not working in UT2004? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    There must be a way. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Perhaps Boroko can help, or ask someone that is good at porting models. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Sorry if it bugs you that I’m asking this again (and on a totally unrelated page too!) ,but would it bother you to create a body and/or coloring tutorial? Just so ya know I’m a big fan of yours! Daisuki nee? Aku cinta padamu! Terima kasih! Sorry if my Malay sucks…I’m a bit rusty ๐Ÿ˜› (Ohmaigawd I talk too much)

  5. Ilove your clothing designs! I’m currently working on a way to get autodesk so I can do awesome stuff like you. Although I’m probably going to fail…jkjk just not as good as you that’s for sure! Just so ya know I’m a big fan of yours! Daisuki nee? Aku cinta padamu! Terima kasih! Sorry if my Malay sucks…I’m a bit rusty ๐Ÿ˜› (Ohmaigawd I talk too much)

  6. My tip for colouring (if you mean, making textures) would be to use tools like Photoshop for shading, hue details and other stuff, and Paint for the itty bitty details…

    But there’s gotta be a UT2004 solution. :s

    • Agreed. I’m actually looking for reasons to get back into UT2004 as Sgt. Kelly’s Ballistic Weapons Pack 9 is far from completion and V4 Rokiahi and Naluri would’ve done it. I would’ve settled for the unreleased V3 Rokiahi model for UT2004 that was in development for so long if that were to serve as “at least something” for UT2004. @.@

      I will say I like Naluri’s desert eye protection a good deal. With sandstorms being a possibility in such deployment zones, no one would want to be caught without one. o.o

      • no one would use my model for ut2004 anymore~ only you 3 guys ~_~


        if you guys can bring 20people here sign for petition, maybe i can consider it…. and dont cheat… i can trace you!

  7. *Counts up how many peeps altogether would be interested for UT2004 Rokiahi, be it V4 or even V3.*

    Okay, there’s Ruki, DCI, Me, perhaps Troggy…damn. We need 16 more people. Time to lure peeps here with a bunch of Rokiahi posters and plushies. o.o

  8. Well I know that Lorin-Slasher (now Renny), and his sister (EC) would want it. Troggy would defenitely want it… mmm… Boroko (Dancing Knight Otaku), Dii that’s it… :S

  9. I shall sign this metephorical petition of modivation!
    -Nalya Eternal(AKA Eternal Cry\Professor Moon)

  10. 14 more people…where to find 14 more people… o.O

    *Puts out more Rokiahi plushies to get peeps to sign.* o.o

    *A random Nyaa Neko plants a Hideyoshi Kinoshita and Nyaa Neko plushies that are dressed up as V4 Rokiahi without anyone noticing.*

  11. nonono, not 14, 13, soon 12 Troggy will post support, EC and Renny already supports, but does’nt know how to show it…

  12. I guess this makes 11 more peeps to go? o.o

    Once we get everyone, we need to put all this in an official list to make sure all the support is accounted for. o.o

  13. *Tries to think of another way to get peeps on board for the UT2004 Rokiahi release.*

    Er, free crate of 10 M73 Light Armor Harpoon Launchers (a.k.a, M73 LAHL) for everyone who gets onboard this cause? o.O

    • *Thinks*

      Moar peeps! @.@

      *Holds up “FREE PIZZA AND BUFFALO WINGS!” sign to get peeps onboard for the Rokiahi for UT2004 cause.*

  14. Nobody remind me that it’s August–the end of this month = back to classes. X.X

    *Random MP-SpecAlphas float by in the sky with balloons tied to their waists in the background.*

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