Surprise! Left 4 Miku

Well Zoey replacement… I did research on google , someone else already did Miku Witch replacement… but thats really odd for me.. and also another miku zoey replacement but it never get finish…. so maybe i’ll try to continue their work on Miku replacement…

Its looks good so far.. yet many stuff didn’t finish yet… i dunno if this really compatible or not..

so the stuff left is:

  • Finger bone
  • Faceposer
  • Minor problem at bone
  • HUD change?

Yet its still unstable, so i may need beta tester… anyone?


  1. Oh~ Probably, u will make her for Left4Dead2
    And i want u to make a miku leek golf club, I think it’s really fun 😀

    (Good work , Bro)

      • No problems~
        I can wait untill you finished download. 😛
        Anyhow, your works is awesome usually. 😀
        (L4D = Hard L4D2 = Harder LOL!)

  2. I want to test her but…
    I have deleted L4D T T
    (Cuz i have beat every episode, it’s hard but fun :P)

    And Bakabone is “True”

  3. I still have the L4D,L4D2
    She ‘ll become more priority .(Yeah,we don’t want to cause her molest by zombie faction right?)

    So where are you guys going to test beta.

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