Miku.. miku… manga.. TeaRsYs~

Although i’m already back from my pain university work in monday, i’m still not inform anything since then (playing with Naluri a lot :D).. well because Karasz did commission me something again which is Lucy from Elfen Lied, so i decide to re-edit back my model especially face! so this one Miku become experimental work instead Naluri!

and yes the result is suppa duppa good! i really like it~ and she turns out more cute and loli hehe…

Because of this excitement, i did few tested of her in Half-Life 2 episode 1 as alyx replacement and its become series…. check out!;

yes! i will record all gameplay through level until finish i think~ Good dont you think it?

and final picture:

Sekai and Setsuna story – continuation

The continuation of story from Karasz. Have fun read it!

So thats the end~ Enjoy!

TeaRsYs Development Project

Word from the coder of TeaRsYs screensaver project:


Uncovering the project behind the scenes

First of all let me introduce myself, I’m ‘DrakkLord’ , mainly a coder, a former member of the Banzai project so as Xeno was, that’s where we met and worked together. After the collapse of the mod project we united to build a commercial product.

To hit an unexplored area of screen-saver applications, we decided to build one with anime theme. There was no chance that we could buy any commercial engine or any software package to build on it, so I got the part to build a custom 3D engine for the project. Behind the scenes we named the project and the engine ‘TeaRsYs’, often called ‘try’ for short. ( The application what Xeno did some time ago with the same name has nothing to do with this. ) And finally we stared it under this codename, all this was a year ago, today the engine is getting closer to what we planned. Once it will ready for a public release, it will be a closed beta test among all people who interested in testing it. We will inform you later about how can you join the beta testing. I can’t say any exact date about the release, within months hopefully. Based on the support we will receive amd the test results we will decide to release the project as a commercial product or not.

About the content : It’ll use custom scenes built for the project and mostly the characters modelled by Xeno ( Miku,Naluri just to mention some ).

About the engine : first releases only for windows ( XP,Vista,7 ) with OpenGL ( 2.0 hardware support is required ) support only.

The engine is similar in graphics detail to FPS games released around 2004-2005. Bearing the common things of the games from that time with the notable difference that our engine is capable of, “toon shading” ( with the results similar to what you can achieve with 3dsMax’s Ink’n Paint material ).

We’re not going to reveal more information about the product until we finish it for the first stage, the beta testing. Till then we welcome any support. Contact us :  tearsysoc@gmail.com


Drakk Lord


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